Spooky 3D Lenticular Images
by The Saline Project

3D Lenticular images3D Lenticular images

Some time ago we’ve shown you lifelike cinemagraphs by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg and this post got a lot of your comments and likes. Today we want to continue this theme and show you another great gifs. Created by Brooklyn-based trio The Saline Project these images are part of their image series entitled "Monsters, Villains, Heroes and Victims" (MVHV). "We photograph and do everything (costume, hair, makeup etc) in house at our studio. We cut up and dimensionalize the photograph in computer. We design the background using location photos we’ve taken over the years, and 3D models. Creating the space and getting the dimension right has been one of the most difficult parts." It’s a series of thirteen 3D lenticular images and today you will see three of them. The rest will be released in Halloween. Obvious, huh?


3D Lenticular images

3D Lenticular images

3D Lenticular images


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  1. Микола

    оце так страховиська!!!