Clothes Made out of Food by Ted Sabarese

food art

Some time ago we’ve shown extremely interesting fashion accessories made out of real food – A Matter of Taste. Today we want to continue this theme and show other art photos from photographer Ted Sabarese. All clothes on the photos are edible because also made out of food. Interesting, clever and definetely worth your attention!


food art

food art

food art

food art

food art


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  1. monster energy hats for sale

    woo…clothes like that seems very surprise.But very beatiful real.

  2. cheap jerseys

    Enjoy the lady in red shirt. Is that pork or some real flesh? Nice looking but hopefully only a limited artists are doing this.

  3. Gordon Kramer

    At the same time children in Africa’s countries are starving

    • Regie Covington

      Children in america too.