Hälssen & Lyon Tea Calender – Taste of a New Day


tea calendar

German tea company Hälssen & Lyon together with creative agency Kolle Rebbe have created and released a limited edition special tea calendar. Each list in this calendar turns into a cup of flavored drink. Technology of production of “edible” calendar is fairly simple, but done manually. High quality tea leaves are crushed and processed into a paste, then pressed into a fairly thin sheets. From these sheets they cut pages of the calendar and then stamp date and month by food coloring. To make a tea you just need fill the cup with calendar sheet with boiling water. All the fragments are sorted by calendar days in advance of the week – their names printed on the packaging of the tea set. Producers promise that all 365 pages of the calendar will be made from different varieties of tea , which means that each new day will be marked with a new tea flavor. To date, unusual calendar can taste only business partners of Hälssen & Lyon – mass production of The Tea Calender wasn’t discussed yet.


edible tea calendar

edible calendar

tea calendar Hälssen & Lyon

tea calendar Kolle Rebbe

limited edition special tea calendar

tea calendar

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