Paintings by Paul Roberts

Paintings by Paul Roberts

Paintings by Paul Roberts

We are proudly represent you amazing paintings by Paul Roberts. Paul Roberts’ paintings have been described as "dreams made uncomfortably a little real". At the heart of his work is always the desire to create energy on the canvas – to draw the viewer into a fragmentary still of a world that is between realities (© Plus One Gallery London).

Paintings by Paul Roberts

Paintings by Paul Roberts

Paintings by Paul Roberts

Paintings by Paul Roberts

Paintings by Paul Roberts

Paintings by Paul Roberts

Paintings by Paul Roberts

Paintings by Paul Roberts

Paintings by Paul Roberts

Paintings by Paul Roberts

Paintings by Paul Roberts

Paintings by Paul Roberts

Paintings by Paul Roberts

Paintings by Paul Roberts

Paintings by Paul Roberts

Paintings by Paul Roberts


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  1. Mike

    Seems to remember theese from albums by Sniff’n the Tears in the early eighties 😉

  2. Lawyer San Antonio

    The themes are obviously very sensual.

  3. art paintings

    I am addicted to looking at this! Definitely my favorite.

  4. Whatsername

    Yes I agree, this guy has issues. The portraits link the domination of women to sexual arousal. Please respect our gender

  5. dotSense

    First time i see Paul Roberts works. Very Talent. good job. 🙂

  6. dropstep

    After all, isn’t sophistication strange??

  7. jeannet

    sexy stuff i love it i want to by the chick ironing her skirt where do i puchase !

  8. Al

    these women are faaaaaar too skinny, it distracts me from the otherwise good technique.

  9. Paul Baines

    Great selection of Paul Roberts’ works. I’ve written about this talented artist myself before. Not quite a photo realist, but in a way that’s a good thing. Reminds me a lot of film noir in mood.

  10. Carole

    Very talented artist.

  11. Nonie Buchan

    Hi I am trying to get hold of Paul. I am an old freind from the 60/70s and need to get hold of him as a matter of some urgency? I have some great early art of his – inspired stuff.

  12. Tom Sykes

    I’ve always enjoyed Paul Roberts paintings, AND his music I’ve seen the paintings in galleries (they are BIG!) he’s a craftsman (far better than Vettriano and he’s been painting a lot longer, so if anyone’s ripping off anyone,it’s Vettriano! Tracifer, I agree, the model in Angel Redeemer does look like Gena Davis and I think IS. She features in a video with Paul, promoting the CD ‘King of your Heart’ see it on youtube.

  13. Paul Robertson

    utterly terrible cliched kitsch worthy of the eqqually terrible Jack Vitriano

  14. chuck

    Wake up everyone, Not only can this man paint, but he is the lead singer for “SNIFF-N-THE TEARS”. His paintings are but one of his ways of expression. He was great in the late 70’s and 80’s with his music and art and my soon be again. Every one is an art critic,,,or not.

    • Irving

      And still releasing GREAT music as well…

  15. Hans

    Photographic, still, quiet, cool, hyper-realism, cartoonistic, surreal. Danny’s comments above seem to capture much of my feelings. However, if this is so boring and tired, as several have said, why are so many people reacting and leaving comments ???? The obvious disturbing subject matter?? I too have seen some movie-star/Hollywood similarities; especially the lady with the knife … I can’t place her, but she is well known ….

  16. canvas painting

    Love the work, great stuff

  17. drew in austin

    absolutely amazing. your talents are limitless. so realistic .

  18. Anthony

    these are not oil paintings, are they?

  19. Name

    This Dude was Talent!!!

  20. chucho

    you’re the best keep forward

  21. Jayne

    I really like how, I guess the word is, corrupted these are. They remind me of some sexy gangster film.

  22. classyclover

    I think these are very nice! ANd Tracifer, you are not alone in thinking that she looks like Geena Davis. I was thinking that earlier too. In fact, I remember her wearing that same lingerie in the movie ” Earth girls are easy”.

  23. sdc

    Has he ever met a girl? Normal Women don’t do this… I haven’t met any that would. I think this is all just his sexual fantasties.

  24. ronjon

    Don’t care what anybody says; these are very nicely done, to say the least, and for what ever it is worth, you have my thumbs up! Good luck, my man, Ronjon

  25. Benjamin Moore Paint

    Gorgeous pictures. Any chance you used benjamin moore paintings for any of these?

  26. moe

    these painting make me feel like they would smell like sweaty aftershave and polyester…

  27. Ian

    yeah, this dud as issues but that artwork is very good

  28. Name

    “Very american. but good”

    – other than the fact that he is from Wales…

  29. Danny

    Interesting semiotics mixed with Kitch and elements of sexual abjection. It takes guts to paint in a ‘creative’ artistic environment where concept has become self important….for the people with negative comments…lets start moving past the post-modernity…its getting boring.

  30. Pete

    This guy, apart from being a pervy misogynist, has completely ripped off that other style over substance “artist”, Jack Vettriano. Both have never stopped their adolescent dreaming.

    • DAN

      clearly you are very deeply confused about your own sexuality, aren’t you?? Any moron such as yourself who feels that they have any reason whatsoever to be critical of such an amazing talent as paul roberts, well obviously you need to go look at yourself in a mirror and ask yourself why you are taking up any of the air that real human beins are breathing…basically FUCK OFF and go get a much needed life…..or maybe even some talent….IDIOT.

  31. Leah

    Intense, honest, and beautiful. Truly this artist has a passion. I greatly admire the work and shall strive to achieve such greatness of my own some day.

  32. Stephen Ackart

    I like them, is this really painted or a real pic brushed in photoshop? Either way they are pretty cool.

  33. splunge

    Boring and obvious juxtaposition

    • DAN

      Boring? I think that you need to look up boring in a dictionary, You will see a picture that looks exactly like yourself, a mundane peice of untalented trash who has absolutely no talent whatsoever and feels that his useless opinions mean something to a talent as great as paul roberts….Ask yourself also…WHAT HAVE I EVER DONE? LLLLLOOOOOOOSSSSSEERRRR.

  34. zens 28

    0He does not have isssues his work is very 80s like reminis

  35. markel sparkel

    yes they do seem more real than real. That is no doubt part of the artists intention. The style is sometime referred to as hyperrealism… each of these images has a dark undertone that causes you. me and anyone else that is prepaired to look at them to ask what are they really about. The mix of high style and guns of religious symbols and guns,a naked women and and two men , one with a gun are all conflicting in some way… To the people that think these are photoshopped, well they may be, but I doubt it. To know if these are photoshopped you would need the origional files. These files are reduce size for the web. any image you look at on the web will look like it has been messed with because of the low resolution. As for them being painted, I have seen many exhibitions that had paintings that were as good as or better than photographs when you consider the skill of the artist.. enjoy , they are stunning but a little disturbing. I bet they would be amazing in te gallery or my house…I want one !

  36. Frankie

    wow it’s like the paintings are more realistic than reality itself.

  37. Henry M.

    this is just portrait photography. I’d rather see the pictures you painted from. be more creative man. express yourself

  38. Hobittual

    It was shopped you can see the pixels around the edges, i have done lots of shopping, i know.

  39. Umesh Nair

    Nice paintings

  40. Lily

    These are phenomenal for the stories they all tell and the amount of expression and character built into a single frame.

  41. Tracifer

    Am I alone in thinking the woman in #6 looks suspiciously like Geena Davis?

  42. Nub

    It was shopped.

  43. Hailey

    Wow, I really like these paintings. Very interesting.

  44. Postal

    Just what the world needed.
    More pictures of naked people on the interwebs.

  45. Matt

    Quite possibly, from a Psychiatric point of view, I presume you mean, but so did Van Gogh and so do I. Paul Roberts has his own style and I for one really like it.

  46. edgardo

    Very american. but good

  47. maryann

    very talented

  48. Jake

    You are the one whose name is balls. This are pretty good in my opinion.

  49. John

    Very enjoyable, thank you

  50. balls

    This dude has issues