BMW 328 Hommage Concept Car

BMW 328 Hommage Concept Car

BMW 328 Hommage

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the original BMW 328 classic of the late 1930s auto brand BMW has unveiled their unique 328 Hommage Concept car. It’s based on the Vision Connected Drive Concept shown at Geneva this year. The 328 Hommage will employ a straight six-cylinder powerplant and the familiar kidney-shaped BMW grille stretched upright in dramatic fashion. The interior and exterior make heavy use of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic and there are no doors – just deep recesses. In a nod to the racing heritage of the original 328 the car is extremely light, weighing in at just 1,719 pounds. “With the BMW 328 Hommage, we wish to pay homage to the passion and inventiveness of the fathers of the BMW 328. They created an icon, which is considered a milestone in the history of the automobile.” said Karl Bäumer, CEO of BMW Group Classic.


BMW 328 Hommage

BMW 328 Hommage

BMW 328 Hommage

BMW 328 Hommage

BMW 328 Hommage

BMW 328 Hommage

BMW 328 Hommage

BMW 328 Hommage

BMW 328 Hommage

BMW 328 Hommage

BMW 328 Hommage

BMW 328 Hommage

BMW 328 Hommage

BMW 328 Hommage

BMW 328 Hommage

BMW 328 Hommage

BMW 328 Hommage

BMW 328 Hommage


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  1. Jaguar

    I wouldn’t say it was the nicest of cars around but looks fun to drive.

  2. hojerseycoco

    Cool, cars are very nice. High quality. Great.

  3. Smith

    It’s amazing.I wish I got one.

  4. bikersunix

    BMW 328 as a car in the Superhero movie. This car costs how much ?

  5. cjoenk

    very nice…butt i like bmw gina….that is awesome

  6. Abdul wahab

    NIce and cool technology.i am very happy to see this new car

  7. Otomobil

    amazing car

  8. chine mobiles

    WOW what a design, I hope they put it to production soon.

  9. topjerseys

    I like the car lights, and more like the beauty!

  10. Muhammad Awais

    wow that’s why i love and like BMW so much…lovely design…

  11. Selcuk Askin

    The toy that you sleep with all your life!

  12. oldtimer

    i really hope the bunny ears (to complement the oversized teeth-shaped grille) are standard-equipment…

  13. araba

    classic and modern, very sexy car…

  14. Nice Cars

    Is it possible that this concept car can still be modified? Same here, I don’t like the wide body and I agree that sleeker version would be nicer. However, aside from the slimmer version, hope that the engine will be powerful.

  15. stephen jobs

    is this supposed to look like the “original” one? cause it really doesn’t at all. from the front it looks like a vacuum cleaner and from all other angles it just looks retarded. plus, without a stick shift it’s worthless.

  16. bruce

    !!!! are you my dadDY!!!??
    why are you using my name?

  17. Bruce

    I’d still prefer to have the original – that has CLASS.

  18. rabyang

    damn who ever had designed that i love them.

  19. Anon

    Nice overall shapes, nice rear end, door-like supports would have been nice, the patterned material within both of the front grills needs to be more “vertically oriented” (as can more or less be seen in picture 3 as a result of how the light accentuates the grill), ugly rims, and butt-ugly headlights.

  20. Michael Paragon

    As far as an automotive styling exercise, this car is absolutely beautiful and accomplishes its mission! BMW would have a very, very successful product with this car if it still has the same flavor after safety regulators had their way with the design. Would the windshield survive? Probably not…those doorless doors? Probably not… As for the “X”-out headlights, that was purely a nod to the racing practice and not a street-worthy design element. I’m an avid Audi fan but, I’d buy this car!

    • Joy Perkins

      I could not agree with you more. Obviously written by a man who knows high performance automobiles.

  21. me

    What a piece of crap

  22. Peter

    It’s hidious..

  23. Engineer

    Hate the X-shaped light beams. It looks like a dead beaver.

  24. Seth

    But what if it rains?

  25. dontclick

    wow…im really surprise for bmw concept…is that available ???

  26. Car Title Loans

    What an incredible ride! It’s sleek style and stellar appearance would make anyone in that car ready to take over the world. That BMW would give you a whole new alter ego like you never knew existed!

  27. Uncle B

    I await eagerly for the repo-bodies of carbon fiber, complete with transmissions even from Ford’s new 350 million U.S. dollar transmission factory in China, and engines, knock-offs, of the famous 6 cylinder Datsun 240-z design, complete with High Ni blocks, all manufactured in China, for the American market! Imagine driving an exact factory reproduction of the 1930’s BMW pictured here! What a blast! All you folks nearer the top of Amerikan corpocracies’ pyramid, get out your wallets! China listens intently to the internet and will oblige you soon.

  28. Antao

    The photographer on this hommage should know that a long flowing scarf killed the actress Isadora Duncan, in 1927, when it got caught by the car wheel.
    The lady in the desert was taking a big risk for a cool shot…

    • Gary Pighetti

      You grabbed my comment! Props for the great auto history reference. I was thinking the same thing. Oh snap (of the neck)!

    • Mario

      Theres wire in the fabric set to get the right look. The car is not moving, low risk