Compact Eco Concept - Ver2

Compact Eco Concept - Ver2


Now it’s hard to invent something extra new and creative at the field of bycicle design. But it is possible. And industrial designer Yuji Fujimura prooved it by creating the concept of electric bike Ver2. Its main feature in addition to environmental friendliness is folding pedals and handlebars. Thanks to this feature it’s easy to save space in the parking lot. This is very important looking at the growing popularity of this transport. Also Ver2 runs by lithium-ion battery. It means that you could use it as an electric bike and electric motorcycle. The battery can recharge different electronic devices – just place it in a special compartment in Ver2.









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  1. John Miller

    Great idea looks a little uncomfortable when you have to put your feet down.

  2. random things i blogged about

    hmm why can’t this be done in a normal bike? just make those extended things fold like this one. No more problem with cross winds or they just want it to look futuristic? the other components and such would fit easily in a normal bike.

  3. jonny rocket

    and i can get one where?

  4. proterozoic

    The silhouette in the last picture is getting a hell of a bike wedgie. Looks uncomfortable.

  5. ben

    That bike design seems uncomfertable not minding the crosswinds the seat looks a bit uncomfertable and I like to lean backas if I was sitting while riding any bike.

  6. Greg

    Yea, stronger wind blows and man and bicykle is down on the ground. Crappy idea. Design pretty.

  7. Mark

    I am with Ross on this! I love the idea with the exception of the profile, especialy if one was passed by a semi traveling at high speed or in a strong gusting wind. However the concept is sound and the folding pedals and handelbars!! Keep Going with this!!

  8. S.M. Fazi

    awesome creativity i like get one ride from this bike

  9. Alex_D

    Love it! Looks fabulous! Totally impractical of course, because as Gaz as noticed – DEADLY in Cross-wind!

  10. Ross

    great design looks like a white tape cassette.the space saving idea is excelent . Of course cyclist s love it when the motor kicks in but if there are strong cross winds I think users will be picking themselves off the floor more often than not

  11. Gaz

    Hmm, ever heard of something called cross-wind? Could be a tiny problem!

  12. AttilaB

    looks good but has serious design flaws, also in the side profile diagram it looks like the guy has the bike going though him

  13. Johnson Koh

    Awesome! Great Innovation! I love that article. What a great future design.