Contemporary Sleds by Porsche Design Studio

Porsche Design

It’s a winter and snow time already. And it’s perfect time for sleds. Have you ever imagined that you can have sled by Porshce. As always Porsche Design Studio offers exclusive and creative products for everyday life. Some time ago they released Aluminium Sledge with minimalistic sparse design for $490. And this year they have increased this collection with Bobsleigh for $265. Alternatively to the previous model this one have more aggresive design, superior directional stability and an included carrying bag. It’s a perfect gift for the man who has everything.


Aluminium Sledge

Porsche Design



Porsche Design

Porsche Design

Porsche Design

Porsche Design


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  1. Basement Waterproofing

    Great design with that sled! Goes to show you that the designers at Porsche don’t have many limitations. A talented team over there! Great article.

  2. Waterproofing Basement

    Really the Porsche design studio has done a very superb job by creating a very awesome looking sledge that snow lovers will love to sledge on. Thanks for sharing it….

  3. Aventador

    That is a pretty cool sled, about the only way I’d ever be able to buy a “Porsche” 😉