Corvette Concept by James Robbins


This stunning concept of the Corvette is a result of researching and designing made by Transportation Design student James Robbins. The images featured below show future form of the Corvette. This is what this designer sees the next logical step in the long line of super sleek, fashionable, ultra sporty vehicles. This concept is the final CAD model built in Autodesk’s AutoStudio and rendered in Keyshot 2.







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  1. cass

    the front needs work – a bit more sharpness but over all i think with a wicked engine in the 500 hp range in a stanard model, well you’d own the sport car market, would be an amazing buy when compared to all others

  2. tiff

    except bumped sides it is very likely to be next corvette

  3. Bed and breakfast in Devon

    w0w so great cars,i like it……..

  4. Hina

    wow it is totally stunning and marvellous design…
    Its like future Design…..
    I shared on twitter as “Future Concept Car”