Ferrari 458 Italia
Limited Edition from Oakley Design

Ferrari 458 Italia
Limited Edition from Oakley Design


Ferrari 458 Italia is perfect car. It needs no customization. But Europian tuner Oakley Design all has decided to make it better. It is offering tuning package limited to just only 5 units. They have improved not only the car’s appearance, but also its perfomance. The aerodynamic package includes a carbon-fiber front spoiler lip, carbon-fiber inserts on the radiator air exit ducts, wider side sills, a lighter carbon-fiber rear diffuser, a new rear spoiler and carbon-fiber roof panel, mirror covers, and an engine cover insert. The engine’s output has been increased by 10%, obtaining a total of 627bhp and a peak torque of 567Nm. The sprint from 0 to 60 mph is made in 3.0 seconds, while top speed is 205 mph. The first production model for the 458 Italia by Oakley Design will be making its way to this weekend’s SEMA Show.








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  1. Andi Farjana

    Wow amazing car. Nice design.

  2. Miniclip

    Dude, If looks like a Corvette! IF it didn’t have Ferrari written on if, I’d swear it was a Corvette concept car!

  3. y3

    Good way to treat gas when its low he..he.. people really does this stuff really we have to change.

  4. kizi

    Super car, thanks for post

  5. Just Information

    OMG, I like that car.

  6. LOLU


  7. starfall

    wow! the super car.

  8. andkon

    wow! i love the white color.awesome car.

  9. y8

    what a beautiful life if you own this beautiful car.

  10. friv

    man’s dreams of a super car that the car enters a magnificent beauty

  11. y8

    Super car 🙂

  12. Bronson

    Hey, I never authorised this photo shoot with my car…

    .. it’s a beauty, isn’t it?

  13. dawood

    very nice car