Unique Carbon Fiber Bike HMK 561

Unique Carbon Fiber Bike HMK 561

unique concept bike

Unlike of many other concepts electric bicycle concept HMK 561 from Ralf Kittmann took home an iF Design Award for some seriously forward thinking. Cyclists HMK 561 is made of conductive carbon fiber, which is not only an excellent conductor of electricity, but also acts as a capacitor that can store energy. This energy is obtained by converting the mechanical energy into electrical energy in each mobile connection of mechanism. The resulting energy fed to the engine and lights. And there is already a working prototype!


unique concept bike

unique concept bike

unique concept bike

unique concept bike

unique concept bike

unique concept bike

unique concept bike

unique concept bike


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  1. Victor

    How is the progress for this bike ?

  2. SirSir

    I think the pegs where you place your feet are is a lever that you pump down (and comes back up somehow) and that drives the rear wheels forward. My question is where is the brake?

    • aliyu zayyad

      Plz dose any1 knw hw much it costs?

  3. iFaris

    It’s an electric bicycle. No Pedal Required

  4. Sarah Farrukh

    oh that really cool design but i miss the pedal 😀

  5. eclessianoux

    Is a beautiful desing. . .but where is the pedal?

  6. Akio

    So since the bar between the wheels rotates, notice the one in the back will spin in the opposite direction. Since one of the two wheels is going clockwise, and the other next to it is going counter-clockwise, that will equal into the bike not going anywhere at all (Or if anything, into stationary circles).

    • asd

      What if second side of the wheel will not touch the bar? It will work

  7. Dakawi

    Nice looking!, but, how u suppose to make the quadricycle to move? it has a motor with a diferencial? i really don’t understand that part. I can see it’s a prototype and i think u still need to redesign some details like the engineering aspects. “Q” is right about the wheels and the loosing traction problem on the turns.

    But anyways it’s a good proyect! breaking paradigms.

  8. shamboo

    so where do you put your feet?
    id like to see sum1 ride it

  9. alyssa

    where’s the pedal?

  10. ionel alin radu

    the futures are more and more closer to come true with the dreamers dream…good luck

  11. Q

    That thing is typical of “bicycles” designed by art students. Ergonomically a failure. Two wheels on a common axel that doesn’t articulate doesn’t maintain traction while steering. I suppose you have some sort of differential?

  12. visitor

    Cool concept.
    But you can’t call it a bicycle. A bi-cycle has 2 wheels.
    This thing has 4 wheels.
    It’s really a quadricycle!

  13. Kris

    Nice looking concept bike.