One Line Watch Concept


How many hands does it need to determine the time? Three? Two? No! It turns out that only one is needed. But this hand should be very special. For example, like hand in the watch called One Line, created by designer under nickname Sam. The single line bends depending on the course of time. Its thick end lays on the hour position, the thin end on the minute position. It is planned that these watches will have three color options: pink, silver and white. Also it will be provided by illumination. Unfortunately the watch One Line is just a concept. Hope that in the near future it will become a reality. Painfully good idea!







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  1. Garden Seed

    Some brilliant concepts here. Thanks for the share!!!!

  2. Sam Jerichow

    Hello! Thanks for posting me design here! And to the commenters above: thanks for sharing your opinions! I’m still looking for a company who can make it.

    Kind regards,

  3. Business Logo Design

    That’s a fantastic and superb concepts and idea i love this watch.
    Thanks for share.

  4. Business To Business Marketing Agency

    Really an elegant watch and superb design. I am now seeing the designers are coming up with some marvelous pieces of equipment and i am sure there concepts/prototypes are going to get into production. Thanks for letting us know about it.