Ultra Modern Wristwatch for Men

Digital Analog Watch

Can modern technology be successfully combined with traditional classics? Especially when it comes to men’s wristwatch. Digital Analog Watch from Josh Chadwick is a good confirmation of this. Created by him male watches perfectly combines modern digital display and traditional analog clock. This model has a somewhat strange but at the same time elegant design and suitable for men which like modern functionality as well as refined classical style. It’s being set up a commercial production of these watches and they will be available for purchase soon.


Digital Analog Watch

Digital Analog Watch

Digital Analog Watch

Digital Analog Watch

Digital Analog Watch


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  1. isaac tanner-dempsey

    love the watch photography leaves much to be desired I wouldn’t like to be the guy wearing it

  2. womens citizen watches

    This watch is awesome.

  3. wittnauer ladies watches

    This watch is totally classic. I love to get one.

  4. Sergio Leal

    Eu usaria com o maior prazer. Belissimo