Zipper Wrist Watch


There are a lot of different concepts of wristwatches. It’s quite interesting field of design and every fashion or industrial designer wants to create something unusual and creative. Todays post is dedicated to one of such concepts – Zipper Watch. It was created by Andy Kurovets. This watch consist of wide leather bracelet where the zips actually display the current time when you hit the central buttons on the wrist. Each zip displays a digit, which you are supposed to combine together to read the time. Quite complicated but definitely worth to see. Don’t forget to check great collection of luxury watches.





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  1. Houston criminal law

    Interesting concept, I would be concerned about functionality as it relates to everyday use. The changing position of the zipper heads seem like it could cause problems.

  2. Artyfly

    yes? creative? but? i think? it’s not usefull as watch

  3. Joppe

    Woow,, amazing..!! Very creative ^^