Extraordinary CV of Patrycja Zywert

Extraordinary CV of Patrycja Zywert

beautiful cv

Have you ever seen a beautiful and original CV of graphic designer? Usually it is ordinary documents. But the portfolio of Patrycja Zywert from UK is really something extraordinary and stylish. In her book she has collected examples of her works: typography, especially letterpress and hand lettering and packaging design. A CV comes in a hand made envelope. We hope that this unconventional way will bear fruit and design studios will notice the talented designer as we did.


beautiful cv

beautiful cv

beautiful cv

beautiful cv

beautiful cv

beautiful cv

beautiful cv

beautiful cv

beautiful cv

beautiful cv

beautiful cv

beautiful cv

beautiful cv

beautiful cv


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  1. Meer Anis

    Outstanding design that deserve thank fro all.

  2. Habib

    Really creativity and CV writing is awesome. Thanks for share

  3. Ashraf

    Wonderful collection & this is a very creative design. Thank you very much.

  4. Mostafizur

    Great creative CV.Thanks for sharing.

  5. Shumi

    I like your experiment with CV! Good job.

  6. Shamim

    very impressive ! love this post! keep up!

  7. Dolan

    Helpful creative design, love all of them. thanks for sharing

  8. Law Firm

    Really the formal CV are getting bored.This is a new idea of preparing a good CV.

  9. Adept Clipping Path

    This is very Creative Type of CV. writing . Thanks for sharing…………………….

  10. Glyconutrient

    To write a CV it seems that always it will contain only the info but got a idea to make a CV more attractive.Thanks.

  11. Image Masking

    Really extraordinary CV format, never seen anything like this type of CV. Good idea.

  12. Clipping Path

    Well designed, colorful and innovative CV.Like it.

  13. Graphics Design Farm

    Great source of inspiring. Thanks for inspire me

  14. Photoshop Clipping Path

    Great compilation. Thanks for inspiring. Keep it going

  15. Designer cv

    I think many people copied many things from here..Really its a real source of Creativity.

  16. Joseph

    I’d definitely consider hiring this person, for the effort that she has put in trying to look for a job! Thanks for sharing.

  17. designer cv

    Very nice designers.Really attractive.IF we apply for any job like this way we will surely get job….

  18. vessolinni

    I think Patrycja should definitely get the wanted job with a CV like that.

  19. Patrycja

    Thanks for featuring my work!
    Glad you like it 🙂

    • Jessica

      Patrycja, your work is really unordinary!
      Wish you luck with it!

  20. Mahmudur Rahman

    Very creative design. Awesome presentation. Thanks for sharing this nice post. 🙂