Creative Products from Eva Solo

Eva Solo Eva Solo is a Danish company organized in 1997 on the basis of the manufacturer with a sixty-year history. The main objective of the company – to find and implement the best design ideas and solutions. The design center of EvaSolo is a danish design duo – Henrik Holbaek and Claus Jensen. They have created a lot of innovative products and won a long list of natioanal and international prizes for them. A special pride of the company – accessories for the kitchen. We will show you only a few accessories. But it’s enough to get an idea of style and quality of this company. These stuff will be worthy decoration of your kitchen.

Thermal cups

Eva Solo

Vacuum jag & vacuum flask

Eva Solo

Picnic flask

Eva Solo

Cafesolo – coffee maker

Eva Solo

Fridge carafe

Eva Solo

Apple corer

Eva Solo

Fruit knife

Eva Solo

Vase Florentine

Eva Solo

Smiley bowl

Eva Solo

Leaf dishes

Eva Solo Eva Solo

Ice cube cooler

Eva Solo

Bread bin

Eva Solo

Bird table

Eva Solo

Bird table mini

Eva Solo

Bird box

Eva Solo


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  1. Mario

    Great gadgets!

  2. arzu

    hmmmm this is very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Malcolm

    I like the bird feeder idea, has lots of possibilities.

  4. kev

    bird box is hideous

  5. פיסול

    gooooooooooooood soooo gooooooooood

  6. nov4k41n

    Wow, these are great. Where can I buy them? I really like the bird table, and my wife would love the vase.