Creative Suitcase Stickers

suitcases stickers

Want to get some fun while travelling? These creative suitcase stickers were created especially for you! "Take a stand against monotonous travel with Suitcase Stickers. Designed to stick to anything, they will draw attention to your bag making it easily identifiable and sure to make you some new friends." And don’t be afraid to cause offence to airport and immigration staff! They will enjoy your stickers!


suitcases stickers

suitcases stickers

suitcases stickers

suitcases stickers


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  1. nothanks

    Yeah, please search my bags Mr. TSA buttrapist.

  2. Make your own stickers

    Glamour and creativeness has got much interaction in Stickers printing. Suitcase stickers are a bit new to me. Thanks for the idea, I’ll check them out.

  3. Bill Orr

    Absolutely love these – although I wouldn’t fancy walking through customs with one on the case!

  4. Logo Blog

    Cool sticker designs, this is fantastic :)) n good for making more fun! thanks for idea!