Creative Wall Clock from Giha Woo

Creative Wall Clock from Giha Woo

wall clock

We’re sure that you have seen a lot of unusual and interesting concepts of wall clocks including posts on our website – for example Designer Clock “Order in Chaos” or Re Vinyl – New Life of Old Records – but this concept is a bit different. Designer Giha Woo decided to knock into one back and front sides of the clock. She removed the tics on the front and replaced the hands of the clock with the batteries that run it! And called this clock “Front and Back”! Very creative idea!


wall clock

wall clock

wall clock


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  1. Mithoo

    hoe can i buy this

  2. How To Learn Sign Language

    Superb idea, in this way you don’t have to flip over the watch to take out the batteries and it looks elegant too….

  3. Jen at Cash Back Stores

    how cool it is! I also want to have one in my room

  4. iPhone 4 insurance

    A wall clock from Giha Woo is a combination of style and function. I love the minimal details and the white color. This is very useful to those minimalist who wanted their room to be stylish and chick.

    • dannyriot

      i’m pretty sure that’s what you mean’t