Philco PC - Retro Concept by SchultzeWORKS

Philco PC - Retro Concept by SchultzeWORKS

Philco PC

It’s really a new life for retro style. Almost every designer have in their portfolio something in retro style. Even if it’s a concept of PC. Created by design studio SchultzeWORKS this stylish computer was inspired by the 1954 Philco Predicta television. Keyboard and mouse are created in the typewriter style but also have steampunk features. Besides its retro look Philco PC runs on Windows 7 and all its specs are modern. This bright PC is not for everyone and certainly can’t be mass-produced. But it will find its fans for sure.

Philco PC

Philco PC

Philco PC

Philco PC


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  1. Ovis Nigra

    Me gustaría verla por detrás para conocer la manera en que conectaron el cinescopio. Me queda la duda si se trata de un cinescopio tradicional que requiere alto voltaje o sólo es un émulo que trabaja a partir de cristales líquidos.

  2. شهرام بیطار

    this is the best pc model . nostalgy

  3. maddi maddi

    i want this computer it is absolutely beautiful!!

  4. tekr0

    It’s not steampunk – it’s dieselpunk.

  5. AttilaB

    I’d actually pay for this

  6. scott

    looks cool,but its only a graphic rendering. it doesnt actually exist yet

  7. manami

    I want this computer so bad. It’s absolutely beautiful and uber cool!

  8. Designer Resources

    haha..nice retro concept. i like it