Unique 3D Animal Wall Signs


Unique 3D Animal Wall Signs

Artist Antoine Tes-Ted studies the form of the World’s iconic animals and turns them into unique 3D sculptural wall art in a collaboration with design store Hu2. Using just a pencil or black marker he sketches a simple line drawing that he uses to guide a laser cutter that cuts out the shapes from wood. The wood is then hand-finished, stained and treated with a protective natural oil. The series of sculptures are called Respectful Animal Trophies as they provide a far more beautiful and sensitive alternative to having dead animals hung on the wall. Through design, Hu2 promotes the importance of sustainability, social responsibility, and wildlife conservation. All products are locally produced only using eco-friendly materials. 10% of sales from their Respectful Animal Trophies go to Born Free to support their Babile Project, a project protecting a herd of elephants in Ethiopia.


elephant wall sign

creative elephant wall sign

elephant sketch


bull wall sign

stag wall sign

shark wall sign

sailfish wall sign

whale wall sign

lion wall sign

lion wall sign

rhino wall sign

rhino sketch

tiger wall sign

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