Comfortable Nest for Small Spaces

chair design

Nest created by industrial designer from Denmark Anders Backe is perfect for small spaces. Since it consists of nothing but high quality futon mattress and easily transforms between a lounge chair and a guest bed. “We wanted to design a piece of furniture consisting only of the futon mattress itself; 1: to fully exploit its many qualities, 2: to create a simplistic furniture – both esthetically and functionally – and 3: to meet the price range of the manufacturer. The idea behind the furniture is to combine characteristics of the Japanese design tradition with western preference for comfort and functionality.”


chair design

chair design

chair design

chair design

chair design


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  1. Kelly Gonda

    where can we purchase these in the us?

  2. Adie

    These are absolutely adorable 🙂 Are they on the market yet and where can I find them?

  3. Lohasrus

    A wonderful idea for small space!

  4. Pik Buon Ho

    Where can I buy one of these?

  5. Dan

    Can we use it for sleeping? and how much it cause.

  6. Steph

    Any idea if and where this can be bought online?