Extraordinary Outdoor Furniture Batoidea

furniture design

Outdoor furniture pieces called Batoidea were designed by Peter Donders. "Aptly named for the genus of fish which includes the elegant stingray, Batoidea is an extraordinary example of design and technology. Fluid and airy the chair defies practical conventions. Peter Donders has stretched the possibilities of design with his technical expertise, and created a timeless piece of furniture."


furniture design

furniture design

furniture design

furniture design

furniture design


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  1. i5

    Thanks for posting. There are so many styles of furniture to choose from when designing any venue. There are some modern bar designs that the chairs would compliment greatly.

  2. Boy

    Thanks for giving details on this unique-looking furniture. It seems that with it’s open design that it can last for years outdoors. Good post.

  3. tavoli

    it looks like an alien furniture

  4. papasanchairs

    They are indeed extraordinary! I love it.:)

  5. Sam

    This style is very unique, very nice. It’s makes very different to the other furnitures there.