Glamour Beetle Armchair


Glamour Beetle Armchair

“Glamour Beetle Armchair” is an eclectic and beautiful interpretation of the iconic Volkswagen car and a baroque styled armchair, all made exclusively in Italy. The design duo Andrea Colombo and Linda Assandri of Zac Glamour came together to create something unique and glamorous – ultimately the car being chosen the the customer. This particular mock up happened to be the Beetle’s front end turned into an ultra chic conversation piece and seat. Swarovski crystals and silver and/or gold leaf are used to create your own one-of-a-kind design. The car’s front end features scrolling French style legs that extend from where the grill would normally be placed, while the headlights and chassis are still in tact enough to distinguish the make and model of the car.


Beetle Armchair

Glamour Beetle Armchair

Beetle Armchair by Zac Glamour

unusual Armchair

creative Armchair

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