Kids Room Decoration from e-glue

Kids Room Decoration from e-glue


We want to show you interesting solution for designing an interior of room for your kids. Studio e-glue from France offers innovative idea – giant stickers for room decoration. With the help of these stickers you can transform a standart iterior into savanna, jungle, train station or even into moon base in an appropriate style. You can buy whole set of stickers, individual sticker or order specific one. All stickers are created from high-quality material made in France and they guarantee a healthy and safe environment to kids.













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  1. Mel

    Hi. I would be interested to purchase the Safari wall stickers. Please tell me how to do this

  2. Clara

    como comprar adesivo s de parede nessa pagina

  3. Jason the Wall Sticker guy

    Oh I love the monkeys, I just fell in love with this, I think my kids did too!

  4. Kratom

    I’ve just had a baby girl (well my wife had it!) this has given us some amazing ideas!!

  5. posturepedic

    Great bedrooms for kids.

  6. B

    It’s a concept room showing off wall stickers. The rest of the room is bland to not distract from the stickers. And by the way, most of these questions should be directed at the people who make the product which they provide a link for in the description. This is someone’e blog. Here is the link.

  7. João Augusto

    hi! can u sent me the dinossaur for a work…it´s exactly what i want because the dinossaur it’s cute….


  8. anonymoose

    it’s a sample room! i seriously doubt it’s ACTUALLY a kid’s room. if it’s not computer generated anyway.
    i like the concept. throw in some washable markers of the multi-colored variety, and we have a deal

  9. Latis

    I like the stickers… but how much white do we really need in a room… especially a kids room… spruce up the rest of the room… maybe start with a wall colour that isn’t so stark white and then add the stickers for a truly awesome room

  10. Johnson Koh

    These are beautiful. I must show these to my wife.

  11. Nicole

    I agree with the above comments–maybe not so great for kids, but some very innovative designs for teenagers or creative adults. I especially love that peacock in the next-to-last shot!

  12. Dangerously Dolly

    Wow! I love this!

  13. Amber

    who cares about kids…i want this for my own room!

  14. Ron

    Great imagination and very decorative & very useful thanks it gives some ideas .

  15. Sirius

    So what happens if I want to take the stickers off? Will it rip the paint off my walls?

  16. Jarryd Dempsey

    The physical artwork is amazing, however its made to look better on the white walls, with the white bed and furniture which allows for greater focus on the mural, however in a child’s room this would not be so with the toys and multi coloured linen spreads… for me as a 19yr old this is fanatastic as i can keep my room in the condition required to express the full effect of the art.

  17. Imran Subhani

    A very simple feature of each kid is LOVING BRIGHT COLORS (remember COLORS not color) but sorry to say its too “FLAT” + “BORING” to use for kids. IT is new concept but Not Good Enough.

  18. November 1st

    If I were a kid, I’d be bored as hell in one of those rooms.

  19. kissmo

    Great…I ll make one for my kid..

  20. designhater no1

    i hate “i-put-a-lot-of-sweet-illustrations-to-a-awesome decor”-designs. which child would like such stuff on its walls??? when i was a child i drew the walls by myself.

  21. fiona berry

    Looks a bit cold for a child’s room… also most children have a lot of itsy bitsy stuff that makes their room look untidy – if you already hve a busy design on the walls I think the combination might be a bit crowded… looks OK as long you don’t let your kids have any toys….

  22. ice

    love them. and they don’t seem to be only for the kids

  23. tommy

    Great Product! Thanks for posting.

  24. hans

    style is good
    but it´s far to aggressive ind delusive to use it on kids
    do something humanly. that what we mis on earth.

  25. maclin

    ultimate! we can use it.

  26. Тим

    имхо, очень холодно и безжизнено, как для ребёнка! так и до стресса дитятю можно.

  27. Texas Takeover

    wow, very nice

  28. fred

    Finish it off with a custom decor clock and your good to go.