Knitted Stools Collection from Claire-Anne O'Brien

knitted stools

Today we want to show you interesting stools collection created by designer from London Claire-Anne O’Brien. This collection features a variety of knitted seat cushions. Such furniture is indisputable creative and unusual but it will look organically in your home only if you have very original interior design.


knitted stools

knitted stools

knitted stools

knitted stools

knitted stools

knitted stools


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  1. Garden Seed

    Great looking stools almost Real!!!

  2. James

    very interesting and unique idea

  3. Ryan

    they look minature. but still very nice

  4. Logo Design

    wow nice pic,,,,

  5. Custom Logo Design

    Wow what a brilliant and creative concepts idea i like this.
    Thanks for share this creative concepts tools with us.
    I love this creative blog.

  6. Jen at Cash Back Stores

    these are unique and so creative

  7. custom water walls

    The knitted stools are amazing. Aside from the cool and chick looks, this looks comfy and one of a kind. This is a good chair to have to those avoiding lump and rigid stools. Great stuff to have.