Moody Aquarium Sink from Opulent Items

bathroom sink

The site of exclusive products for the home Opulent Items is offering shell-tank for the bathroom called Moody Aquarium Sink. Its internal decoration can vary by a removable top. Еhere are two circular entries on each side еo feed the fish. It’s also equipped with a sink water filtration system, water circulation and oxygenation, and lighting. Price is $4,500.


bathroom sink

bathroom sink

bathroom sink

bathroom sink

bathroom sink


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  1. sklibsklob

    god only knows what stuff you’ll be putting down that sink. facial hair, nose clippings, tooth paste, hair dye, exfoliants, etc… Is there some sort of filter? I would think even the drastic change in temperature between hot and cold water would make the fish uneasy, let alone the chemicals. Didn’t really think that one trough.

    • sparrowhawk

      Dude, the drain obviously doesn’t empty into the aquarium. It goes straight down to the pipes the way any drain would. The aquarium has its own drainage and filtration system. Or didn’t you read the text?

  2. žogi

    now this is awesome!

  3. Mark

    Form > Function