Hyper Realistic 3D Scene of UFO Crash

Marc Trautmann is a creator of this project inspired by the secret areas that are protected by governments in many parts of the world. Particularly Mark was inspired by French philosopher Paul Virilio’s book ‘War and Cinema’ which is about the situation during the Cold War. Virilio described this phase of ‘the immaterial war of perception’ as the moment when the shooting area turns into the shooting location and the battlefield becomes a film set. Marc shot the landscape in Death Valley, and Mainworks turned in the UFOS using CG technology.

Extraordinary ‘A-World-Within-A-World’ 3D Illustrations

EDB Singapore is a lead government agency. Their main goal is to plan and execute strategies which help to enhance Singapore’s position as a global business center. The agency mission is to create sustainable economic growth with vibrant business and good job opportunities. Ars Thanea have teamed up with creative The Secret Little Agency to create three Key Visuals. Two of them are to emphasize the great partnership between Singapore and the companies involved in biomedical industry development. The third one is a mixture of the first two, showing the different facets of Consumer Business in Singapore. Creative guideline was clear – the illustrations must presents three different subjects, which follow a common style – a housing object with connected scenes.

Letters Can Kill Advertising Campaign

New Zealand studio Lightfarm Studios unveiled campaign “Letters can kill” for Mitsubishi, dedicated to the growing problem of danger of typing behind the wheel. After you view this series of posters you should remember how dangerous could be typing behind the wheel. The same dangerous as world known dictators and killers.

Amazing 3D Sand Art by Ben Harkins

Ben Harkins transforms a beach into alternate realities by creating 3D art. Harkins explained the motivation behind his artwork in an interview with The New Zealand Herald: “We’ve seen other people doing stuff on beaches, but it’s always been geometric, flat shapes, like a pattern, so we thought we’d get into the whole 3D thing. And I kind of like the fact that it disappears at the end of the day when the tide comes in. It makes it impermanent.”

Project “Transport For London” by Chris LaBrooy

Today we want to show you another great art work from talented designer Chris LaBrooy. "I was commissioned by Transport for London to create a poster illustration for their new fares campaign. The poster features all of the various transport services on the network manipulated into dimensional typography. This was created with M&C Saatchi in London. Art direction by Will Bates, project management Laura Pearson and agent Debut art London."

Stunning Digital Sculptures by Adam Martinakis

Today we want to shwo you a collection of a stunning 3D, digital sculptures by Greek and Poland-based artist, Adam Martinakis. Adam studied Interior Architecture, Decorative Arts and Industrial Design at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens, and since 2000, has been working and experimenting on computer-generated visual media (3d digital image – animation, digital video, new media). He also teaches digital arts & design, graphics, interior design and ceramic design at multiple art institutes.

Anamorphic 3D Illusion Drawings by Alessandro Diddi

When Italian artist Alessandro Diddi puts pencil to paper, his works really come to life. He creates clever anamorphic pencil drawings that, when viewed from a particular angle, appear to pop out of the page in three dimensions. These drawings are achieved by a trick of the mind, using shading and angles to give them a life of their own and make them “leap off the page”. “I want my drawings to put across the message that the eye can trick the mind and make you believe that there are dimensions that are not really there,” Alessandro.

Photorealistic 3D Drawings by Marcello Barenghi

Marcello Barenghi is a talented artist from Italy. “I started drawing as a child, but in 1994 I quit. One day I was amused and inspired by a 3D illusion drawing video and I started drawing again after twenty years! Watching someone drawing is really fun, but if you’re looking for a tutorial on how to draw or you are already a good designer, watching a drawing video can also help to improve your technique, discovering new tools or finding tips and inspiration.” So in the following post you’ll see realistic 3D drawings by Marcello Barenghi as well as videos showing the process of drawing. Have fun!

Instagram Logo Mascot Toy Design Concept

Today we want to show you some really cute example of toy design. “Designed by JC Rivera and digitally sculpted by Scott Wetterschneider, this charming little guy is for all the lovers of the great Instagram iPhone/Android app. While only a concept, the pre-production images have ignited quite a lot of interest, and we’re doing everything we can to make him a reality. Shinbone Creative is reaching out to designers and artists with unique creative vision, and JC Rivera is exactly the kind of energetic individual that we love. We’re interested in getting together with anyone or any team that would like to turn their own strong character design into more wonderful, fun toys. ” Have fun!

3D Chocolate Ads by Silvio Medeiros

Today we want to show you creative and delicious advertising created for credit card company. Slogan of this advertising company is “Let your products more irresistible with Cielo.” From the words of creator – Silvio Medeiros – “A very delightable commissioned project that take me a hole month to be setup. From concept board to final art. Luxology Modo 601 and post-production with Photoshop CS5.” Have fun!

3D Apophysis Flowers by Chiara Biancheri

Let us show you beautiful flowers created by artsist from Italy Chiara Biancheri. All these fairytale flowers were created using 3D software. From words of Chiara: “I’ve been making fractals with Apophysis since late 2008, deeply fascinated by the oneiric feeling so typical of fractal flames, and the intriguing patterns and geometries this software can generate. While I do also enjoy other fractal generating programs such as UltraFractal, Mandelbulber and Mandelbulb3D, I still prefer Apophysis for its higher expressive potential. I’ve been recently focusing on three dimensional flames, with a “photographic” approach and an evident organic and floral inspiration. A collection of three-dimensional fractal flames created with Apophysis 7X.” Have fun!

Crazy Fruits Animation

Today we want ot show cool fruit animation created by designer from Ukraine Alexander Zapadenko. His series “Crazy fruits” cosists of several animated fruits. “At first glance, it is quite common fruits. Their distinctive feature is that they do not want to be eaten. They will plead you watch you with sad eyes, but do not believe them.” Animation is quite simple – each gif image has only 13 frames but looks great. Have fun!

3D Type Collection from Chris LaBrooy

Today we want to show you collection of creative 3D types created by designer from United Kingdom Chris LaBrooy. Some of his works were used for covers of magazines. Chris creates not only high quality 3D types but also tries to find specific style for each type. For example, industrial architectural style with it’s rough cast concrete is a perfect fit for Helvetica. Have fun!

Still-life Works by Serial Cut

The following collection of graphic art was created by Madrid based studio Serial Cut. “A growing team Serial Cut works alongside an ever-growing team of professionals, who specialize in different areas such as photography, design, motion-graphics and 3D design. Inspiration comes from current and past decades, but we always review it and renew it, bringing it into today’s perspective with an actual look. Our aim is to go beyond what’s in our minds and in our clients’ minds when we start a project, to take the challenge a little further both in terms of technique and of concept, and to always end up with a contemporary and fresh result.”

Inspirational 3D Illustrations from Nikita Veprikov

Let us show you amazing 3D art works of talanted graphic designer from Ukraine Nikita Veprikov. He began his career in visual effects industry only three years ago – in 2006 – and now he is a winner of many contest; you will be suprised by the quality of his illustrations. Each image will tale you interesting story and you’ll remember them for sure. So don’t waste your time and move on to check these inspiring illustrations!

Beautiful 3D Illustrations for Madagascar

Today we want to show you amazingly beautiful graphic illustrations made by Ukrainian design studio Psyho. These 3D “slices of pie” were designed for tourist company “Madagascar”. Each image shows us beautiful part of our world: part of ocean or Stonehenge… Hope you’ll like these really inspiring artworks. Don’t hesitate to comment.

Dimensional Photography

This time we want to show you incredible works created by graphic artist Mike Campau in collaboration with photographer Nicolle Clementson. To create such interesting effect stylish photographies were combined with various 3D objects. Each artwork has its own style and impress by its reality. Check it out!

Awesome 3D Characters

Today we want to show you works of talanted 3D artist Mark Gmehling from Germany. He’s working with Cinema 4D for 8 years and specialized in character design. Featured below amazingly creative 3D characters belong to so called Drinsch Series. As Mark noticed he also animate 3D characters and I think to see those characters animate in 3D would propably be one of the most interesting things on earth actually.

Typography Inspiration: 3D BOOM!

Beautiful Life Blog starts new series of posts called "Typography Inspiration". This series will cover almost all known styles of typography and will consist of the most interesting artworks of various designers.
Today we start with 3D Typography Inspiration. 3D Typography is a quite new wave but it have already gained the fame as the most spectacular and explosive style of typography design. It’s a result of great abilities of 3D graphic programs allowing to present created text in such way as no one did before. Volumetric text’s images give the especial depth and expressiveness to artworks. We picked up several dozens of superb beautiful 3D illustrations to inspire you and some of them are little-known to wide audience.

The Sphere Is Not Enough

There is a very interesting contest in the web for 3D enthusiasts which allow to show their talant and imagination. For the start they would have similar conditions – source files with basic scene – the sphere at simple background. And the goal of this competition to create on base of this sphere creative and unordinary scene. You’ll be suprised by how many various results can be achived from one simple form. Take a look at the most interesting pictures and don’t forget to check the CGSphere for more new projects.