Advertising Posters for a Habib’s Handmade Ice Cream

Brazilian ad agency PPM, together with Estudio Gelmi, came up with this mouthwatering campaign for Habib’s handmade ice cream called “Esculturas de Sorvetes”(Ice cream Sculpture). Three posters show ice cream of different flavours (chocolate, strawberry and vanilla) in the form of famous sculptures: Greek Goddess Artemis, Easter Island Moai and Rodin’s The Thinker. So creamy and delicious that it is a true masterpiece.

Birch & Waite Professional Advertisement

In 2014 Birch & Waite approached Evo Agency to launch a range of batch-crafted sauces for the professional food service industry. They identified a critical lack of differentiation between these high-end sauces and low quality mass produced alternatives, then used an impactful creative approach to integrate a successful launch across multiple media and target groups.

Weapon Inspired Advertising

The Canadian Journalists for Free Expression are constantly on the outlook for ways to tell the public and the press about the atrocities journalists in many countries face. They cover stories about reporters being abducted, killed, and intimidated globally. In a recent advertising blitz, the CJFE illustrated the conflict between guns and journalism by creating a series of announcement posters using journalism tools to make images of guns. As you look closer at the images, you will notice the weapons are built from microphones, hand-held recorders, notepads, pens, cameras, and other tools journalists use everyday.

Incredible Superhero Beards

Trimming your beard can be a chore, but styling your beard can be magical and heroic if you learn the lessons from Braun. In a recent advertising campaign Braun showcased the performance of the Braun Cruzer Beard Trimmer lineup by styling beards in Superhero Logo Styles. Amazing beards showing off Superman’s S, the Spiderman Spider, and Batman’s Bat Logo appeared on the faces of the selected men. Even more incredible is the lessons Braun shares on their websites teaching men how to style and trim their own beards for added impact and even how to optimize their beard to match their face size. Braun is turning the world of men’s beards into a creative playground.

There are Lots of Terrible Animal Pictures Out There

Advertising agency Heads from Brazil created a series of posters for National Geographic. With slogan “There are lots of terrible animal pictures out there” this series of posters advertise National Geographic’s collection of the best nature images. Take a look!

“Words Kill Wars” Adot Ad Campaign

Today we want to show you an excellent advertising campaign by Ogilvy & Mather Japan for Adot, an organization which fights against the conflicts between Russia and Ukraine. By juxtaposing two choices of weapons, violent ones on the left and peaceful ones on the right, this series of diptychs pass on a compelling message: words kill wars. Take a look!

Vintage Blueprints for Famous Inventions

Oliver Gal’s artists have done an amazing job of recreating the authentic blueprint applications of a number of world-changing products, from the Harley motorcycle and the revolver, to the surfboard and Gibson guitar. Check out the baseball bat from 1885, the cork extractor patent from 1930, or the blueprint for the bicycle form 1890. Frame it, put it on your wall, and you’ve got a piece of art, history lesson, and motivational poster all in one. If you want to add some extraordinary posters to your walls then you can but them here.

True Colours by Faber-Castell

Germany company Faber-Castell producing pencils, pens and other office supplies and products for artists brought some creativity to our life with their advertising campaign. And we couldn’t pass by. The ads in an eye-catching way show how close their pencil crayon colours come to the real item. The slogan of advertising campaign is “True Colours”. Posters were created by Germany advertising agency Serviceplan. Want to note that dachshund looks quite crazy, don’t you think?

Mutfak Brasserie Print Ads

Today we want to show you some creative ads posters. These posters were created by Ankara based advertising agency SVStudio. Thanks to creative guys from the studio you will know that Mutfak Brasserie is a restaurant in Turkey/Ankara specialized in world cuisine and will surely remember this. Isn’t this a purpose of the advertisement? Bravo, SVStudio!

“Books for Every Interest” Ads Campaign

Take a look at the exceptional print ad campaign by Young & Rubicam, Malaysia for Penguin, evolving the logo for different book categories. The concept is simple and beautiful, the brand communication is flawless. Logo of the campaign is "Books for Every Interest". Brilliant, don’t you think?

Vegetable cocktails by Pierre Martinet

Check this great example of creative advertising posters. Each image in this collection shows vegetable cocktails from Pierre Martinet. The Pierre Martinet Smoothie campaign was created by BEING TBWA, an ad agency based in Paris, France. It features colorful goblets made out of the veggies each smoothie consists of. For instance, one is made out of an egg plant while another from a carrot. It was art directed by Jean-Pierre Roges.