Live Ads: The Nap Tour by Casper

Casper, a US mattress company, has come up with a very novel way to market its special foam mattresses: a nap tour of the United States. They’ve created this special nap pod on wheels which is travelling around the States through September and October this year. Some lucky inhabitants of Boston, NYC, D.C., Philadelphia, Nashville, Atlanta, and Miami will be able to snooze in one of four very relaxing looking pods available, and try out Casper’s famous mattresses. Want to try? Visit their website.

Birch & Waite Professional Advertisement

In 2014 Birch & Waite approached Evo Agency to launch a range of batch-crafted sauces for the professional food service industry. They identified a critical lack of differentiation between these high-end sauces and low quality mass produced alternatives, then used an impactful creative approach to integrate a successful launch across multiple media and target groups.

BMW Advertising – 1350 Grams of Protection

Today we want to show you really creative example of advertising posters. Based at Mexico city, Publicis Worldwide provides strategic creative and digital ideas helping clients to Lead the Change and to succeed in their own digital transformation. They have come up with BMW safety campaign for motorists titled as, “1350 grams of protection”. The advert shows motorists having a hairstyle according to their class of helmet.

Incredible Superhero Beards

Trimming your beard can be a chore, but styling your beard can be magical and heroic if you learn the lessons from Braun. In a recent advertising campaign Braun showcased the performance of the Braun Cruzer Beard Trimmer lineup by styling beards in Superhero Logo Styles. Amazing beards showing off Superman’s S, the Spiderman Spider, and Batman’s Bat Logo appeared on the faces of the selected men. Even more incredible is the lessons Braun shares on their websites teaching men how to style and trim their own beards for added impact and even how to optimize their beard to match their face size. Braun is turning the world of men’s beards into a creative playground.

Turning Impressionism into Hyperrealism

Take a look at this hilarious ad campaign – an eyewear company set to show their customers just how good their lenses are. The campaign was created by Y&R Paris, and features a series of ads for eyewear retailer KelOptic, showing impressionist paintings brought into focus. The tagline states: “Turning impressionism into hyperrealism.” These ads got the recognition and received a merit award in this year’s One Show.

“Free Your Skin” Advertising Campaign for Schick

Beards have been trendy for a while nowю But like with every fashion, it comes and it goes. So it’s good timing for razor company Schick to launch a “Free Your Skin” campaign. Advertising agency Y&R New Zealand has created a humorous ad campaign that features men who have unfortunate animal beards. It carries the message that men need to shave their facial hair before it turns into an animal, and the Schick brand can “Free Your Skin”. Photographs for the ads are taken by Troy Goodall and Stephen Stewart, and are retouched by Electric Art.

There are Lots of Terrible Animal Pictures Out There

Advertising agency Heads from Brazil created a series of posters for National Geographic. With slogan “There are lots of terrible animal pictures out there” this series of posters advertise National Geographic’s collection of the best nature images. Take a look!

Animal Crates In Paris To Celebrate Zoo’s Opening

To celebrate the opening to the general public on April 12 the  Zoological Park of Paris, with french agency ubi bene, go on with a guerrilla marketing campaign featuring open animal crates in the city centre. The feel is that the animals have set free for the city and you must find them sightseeing.

Caesars Entertainment Campaign by GSD&M

Caesars Entertainment logo created by GSD&M is made out of various objects. Each object represented an aspect of their brand; celebrity chefs, shopping, spas, etc, and their iconic laurel. And it’s not a Photoshop. " The bulk of the photography took place over a mere two days. We used a projector to make guides for each laurel on rolls of paper. We captured as much as we could in camera. And after lots of work, glue, paint, and a few stiff drinks we had a print campaign." Have fun!

Identity & Branding for SAVEMYDAY

Today we’ll show you high quality branding for online service This website presents daily premium offerings with 50 – 90% discount on specially selected items and services. Advertising and design studio based in Stockholm Morris Pinewood Stockholm created advertising campaign consisting of a 30s TVC, print ads and banners. MPS developed a branding strategy, brand identity (colours, logos and typography) and an advertising concept. “The design was built on the premise of a premium retail brand. With a core idea, inspired by 1960-style retail ads and a colour palette consisting of 4 clear and strong brand colours we wanted to create a brand that communicated “discounts” and “must haves”. The design was built on the base of 4 different universe; magenta, orange, black and white, in a “duo-tone” landscape.”

Awesome Creative Pharmaceutical Ads

Since the emergence of print advertising pharmaceutical advertising has been always popular along with ads of food and alcohol. With the development of the computer industry capacity to produce an effective poster advertising has increased in many times. The emphasis is not so much on the information content of advertising but more on creativity, which is much more important for modern society. Our collection of creative pharmaceutical ads is an excellent example of how to attract public attention to pharmaceutical products and it really deserves your attention. Also you may be interested in The Most Creative Sport Ads and Creative Car Ads previously published on our website.

Fairytale Photosession for Fendi

The following photosession shows us spring/summer 2011 Fendi bags and accessories. These juicy photos a bit like shots from Alice in Wonderland: big apples, fantasy dresses and haircuts, the whole aura. Author of these amazing photos is Aysha Remeithi. Digital retouching and photo montage were done by Ashish Arora. This fairytale advertising campaign is really beautiful! Enjoy!

Splash of Color by Burberry Brights

Let us show you ads campaign of bags from Burberry Brights spring-autumn 2011. To show the splash of bright colors of bags creators of advertising had decided to show splash in a general sense of the word. They dipped bags into the water. In addition to the photos in the continuation you’ll see commercial, where you can follow up this act of vandalism in the dynamics.

Advertising Campaign for Champagne Zabr

The following creative posters advertise champaigne Zarb. The owner of this champaigne brand is … the author of these posters. Interesting don’t you think? Amsterdam branding agency They owns brand Zarb and They did their best to make advertising campaign unforgetable. The leading Dutch designers worked under these stunning posters. So don’t waste your time and evaluate their work!

Linda Lundgren Food Styling for Hemköp

This creative series of ads were created by talanted food stylist from Sweden Linda Lundgren. She has already worked with such famous companies as McDonalds, Yoggi, Electrolux and Ikea. And now she had created advertising posters for Scandinavian supermarket Hemköp. In each poster you can see big water-drop shape filled with the food arranged by color. The result is amazing – her arrangements look both beautiful and seductive.

Forrest & Bob Underwear Campaign 2010

For creating this beautiful ad campaign for new underwear collection Forrest & Bob invited famous fashion photographer Henrik Adamsen and supermodel Sarah Grünewald. The following stunning nude photos are result of combination a sexy model, an amazing photographer and a simple range of lingerie. This has to be one of the sexiest fashion spread you have ever seen…

Retro Ads from Moma São Paulo

Company MaxiMídia is one of the largest in Brazil focused on modernization and developing the industry of marketing communications in the country. Agency Moma São Paulo presented a series of prints for advertising company seminars, aimed at to familiarize professionals with new opportunities of using social networking and other tools of communication through the Internet. Prints are made in the futuristic style of the 50-ies to attract the attention of the older generation that remembers this kind of posters. Take a look at these vintage images – they are really interesting and worthy of your attention!

Novartis Reflections Campaign

Created by talanted amarican photographer Tom Hussey these advertising posters are dedicated to new Novartis drug called the Exelon Patch. Exelon is a transdermal patch used to help people with memory problems and daily living challenges associated with Alzheimer’s disease. These images show how patients with Alzheimer’s see their younger self. Campaign includes several posters and each of them is great.

Awesome Advertising Posters from LazyAnt

This time we want to show you beautiful advertising posters for Francesco Marconi bags created by artist from Russua by nick LazyAnt. His creative concept and extremely high-qualitive photomanipulations will give you great feeling of the realness. You can be sure you won’t forget this ad! And it will be the highest compliment for the artist. Great job!

Creative Ads – Live Drawings for Animaster

What should be effective advertising? What need to be done with advertising to force people not only to drew attention but also remember for a long time afterwards? Creative advertising posters featured below are an excellent example of such advertising. Over a year ago they were developed by Rediffusion DY & R advertising agency for Animaster Animation School company. As always, creativity in advertising is a question of paramount importance. Perhaps the idea of drawings and hands that are drawing them, is not new, but thanks to quality execution and forethought of drawings this creative advertising is indisputable successfull.