Collapsible Aeromobil 3.0 Flying Car

The fourth prototype of the flying car, the “Aeromobil 3.0″ features a number of advanced technologies that shortens its take-off time. It transforms in seconds from an automobile to an airplane. This latest steel framework and carbon coated transformer was presented at the Pioneers Festival 2014, in Vienna. As a car, the “Aeromobil 3.0” is road legal, drives on regular gasoline and can fit into standard parking spaces. When morphed into a plane, it can take-off and land from airports, grass strips and paved surfaces by only needing a few hundred meter long runway. Using a rotax 912 engine, it has a top speed of 124mph and can take-off when 90mph is reached. Its range of 430 miles and fuel consumption of 15 liters per hour is achievable because of the composite materials construction. A regular flight-testing program has been conducted since October 2014 to continue the improvement and development of the “aeromobil”.