Furry Alphabet by Bernat Casasnovas

We’ve already shown you a few examples of creative typography – you can check them here. And today is the right time to surprise with another one. “Furry Alphabet” is a series of 3D letters created by talented 3Dgraphic designer from Paris, France Bernat Casasnovas. Unusual, creative and really strange alphabet! Don’t you think?

Innovative Alphabet by Alexis Persani

Graphic Design is the art of communication and there are some creatives who take this art to a new level, like Alexis Persani. The detail in his works is undeniable, from every angle. The French designer not only turns letters into art, but adds depth and detail that not many designers have the skills to achieve. This time we want to show you innovative alphabet! Take a look!

Hair Alphabet of Shurong Diao

Today we want to show amazing art work created by Shurong Diao. “This Hair Alphabet is inspired by Chinese calligraphy style. I want to build a connection between Chinese characters and Roman alphabet by using different forms of long black hair, just like putting ink on rice paper to draw Chinese Characters.” Have fun!

The Sculpted Alphabet by FOREAL™

FOREAL™ is a young design studio with a creative focus on illustration and art direction founded by Benjamin Simon and Dirk Schuster. “New tools, new playgrounds. One single rule: Choose a letter and sculpt it! Maxon gave us it’s new sculpting tools with the last releases of Cinema 4D. Our goal was to create the whole alphabet and achieve some completely new ways how type can be built and seen. A playful execution of that self-initiated project helped us to gain some significant experience in cgi sculpting techniques while having a lot of fun.” Have fun!