TERRA! The Armchair Made From Grass

Originally released at Salone Satellite in 2000, TERRA! went on to be sold worldwide until 2005 when it was determined that producing it themselves was no longer feasible. Until now… Studio Nucleo is back with a new version of their infamous design that lets you grow your very own grass armchair in your garden. If you’ve ever longed to feel a part of nature, this chair will do it as it slowly becomes part of your landscape. Realizing there’s a disconnect with people and the belongings they bring into their homes, Studio Nucleo lets you become the creator as it arrives as an unfinished product that you must set up and grow. TERRA’s flatpack, laser cut cardboard parts arrive at your door waiting for you to get started. Separate the cardboard frames using a cutting knife along the perforations. Follow along in the numerical order that’s laid out. Place the assembled frame in the location you want to grow it. Fill the compartments 2/3 of the way with any non-compressible material – rocks, expanded clay, bricks. Fill the remaining room with soil and pack it carefully without messing up the frame. Then cover the entire thing with a thin layer of sand. Sprinkle grass seed evenly over the surface of the chair and pat them down so they don’t roll away. Water the chair gently so the soil isn’t disturbed. Water daily and you’ll see the grass begin to grow in about 10 days. Check their Kickstarter campaign.

Multifunctional Arm Chair flOP

Elena Sidorova, designer from Moscow, Russia, has multifunctional arm chair called flOP. “Flop is an armchair which folds out to a sleeping place for 1 person. It has construction made of veneer and upholstery made of 100% sheep wool material. The sleeping place has elastic straps as a base. Matras and pillow storage is inside.” Due to its dual function, this is the one product that is most suitable for houses that have visitor’s frequently and more numbers. This is an amazing dual purpose product.

Armada High Armchair by Zoran Jedrejcic

Zoran Jedrejcic has designed the Armada High Armchair for manufacturer Hookl und Stool. “Armada High Armchair is defined by its forceful design and exceptional lightness, accomplished by combining the tiniest materials, making this piece of furniture almost sculpture appearance. With its highly developed static, the constructive part of the seater is made of steel, with various finishing as polished, chromed, brass or burnished steel, which emphasizes the elegancy and sharpness this vigorous design has. The seater consists of the construction made of thin steel and covering made of high quality leather or fur. Unique magnet system connects different type of pillows and other gadgets with the seater part. Armada high armchair is made of different type of solid wood, like elm, walnut, cherry and pear. On request, it could be tailor made, respecting client’s measures and special needs.”

Eye-Catching “Gi Booth” Chair by Jakob Gomez

This eye-catching and interesting chair is the latest work of the architect and designer Jakob Gomez. Gi Booth, as it’s called, differs by a really creative and interesting approach to form, color and functionality of the armchair design. The chair’s architectural aesthetic and the amazing combination of strong basic colors with 3 different types of woods create an awesome contrast, and with every standpoint you are likely to discover surprising details. Developed in collaboration with Karla Aurora González Villarreal / Jorge Reynoso, the exquisite furniture item is both practical and elegant, with a design emphasizing on color and form.

Bunny Chair by Iskos-Berlin

Copenhagen-based studio Iskos-Berlin has designed the “Bunny Chair” for Danish manufacturer Normann Copenhagen. “Bunny is a wing chair that reinterprets the traditional design. Instead of the austere and stiff-backed companion in which our grandfathers used to retire to read the paper, Bunny is meant to be a loving friend – a great big cuddly toy, large enough to comfort an adult. Bunny is playful and funny, sybaritic and sensual, but with a twist – bound and shaped by the rope drawn taut across its soft “body”.” Have fun!

Futuristic Pallone Armchair

Leolux is a synonym for distinctive design, high in quality, comfortable and durable. Three collection of extremely stylish furniture, each with a character of its own. The Pallone armchair is a part of Sculptures Collection. The low-profile seat boasts easygoing comfort, while the gently curved backrest cradles you in the lap of luxury. Finished in leather upholstery, the look and feel is smooth and supple. The optional matching footstool is an ideal complement, inviting you to put your feet up at the end of the day or to be used as a casual side table. Created in 1989, twenty years later it’s still futuristic and completely understandable. You can purchase it for €1429 here.