Symmetrical Parts of Vienna and Budapest by Zsolt Hlinka

Architectural photographer Zsolt Hlinka has spent years capturing the symmetry of Budapest’s buildings. Now, with his new series Viennametry, he’s moved to the Austrian capital, giving new perspectives on the geometry of the city’s architecture. Hlinka photographs the intriguing courtyards and inspiring spiral staircases that pepper Vienna. Like Budapest, Vienna is a forward-looking city with a rich history that is reflected in its architecture. This inspired Hlinka to capture the dynamism of Vienna by framing the photos as tunnels moving toward the future. “Though the objects may seem stationary and silent, upon closer inspection we can see the memory of countless past events,” Hlinka writes. “Not only historical buildings are depicted, which are well versed in the actualities of old times, but their modern pairs are also showcased. These forms are developed by building on their predecessors, respecting or even breaking traditions, which means they cannot be separated from each other.” Enjoy! And check 25 beautiful places in the world.

Surrealist Dreamy Scenes by Luisa Azevedo

Take a look at wonderful photo manipulations by Luisa Azevedo , a driven and talented teen living near a quiet sea side in Portugal. Luisa is still a student of multimedia art, but her work has already been making rounds on the Internet. He creative composition mix objects to create dreamy, surrealist scenes. “I hate when I don’t have enough time to take photographs or when I don’t feel inspired. Sometimes I feel disappointed with myself when I realize I could do much better.” If you want to see new art works created by Luisa – follow her Instagram.

Photos Of Europe’s Finest Libraries By Thibaud Poirier

“Reading is solitude,” Italo Calvino once said, embodying the inspiration behind this series. These temples of cultural worship gather communities, and yet the literary experience, and therefore the experience of a library, remains solitary. It is with an eye towards this improbable bled of public space and private experience that Thibaud Poirier displays some of the finest libraries, both classical and modern, across Europe. Poirier’s perspective pays homage to the personal touches and interpretations of literature that these architects brought to each library. Like fingerprints, each architect crafted his vision for a new space for this sacred self-exploration. These seemingly minute details are everywhere, from the balance of natural and artificial light to optimise reading yet preserve ancient texts to the selective use of studying tables to either foster community or encourage lonely reflection. The selection of these libraries that span space, time, style and cultures were carefully selected for each one’s unique ambiance and architectural contribution. This is reflected in Poirier’s tasteful use of symmetry to highlight classical values of beauty, and the strong visual interpretation of the solitude that one feels when immersed in reading.

Librairie Mollat’s Creative Photo Series Matches Customers with Book Covers

Independent French bookstore Librairie Mollat is going viral, but not because of anything particularly literary. No, this publicity boost is because they’ve gotten really creative with their Instagram account. Peppered throughout the usual photos of book covers and store shelves on their Instagram account, the Bordeaux-based bookseller has been creating fun and silly forced perspective photos by pairing customers and employees with matching book covers. The results are surprisingly (sometimes shockingly) good, perfectly matching where a person’s face ends and the portrait on the cover of a book begins.

Stripes & Polka Dots by Julia Kuzmenko McKim

Today we want to show you really stunning photos by Julia Kuzmenko McKim. Bright makeup, beautiful models Eugena Washington, Playmate of the year 2016, and Ekaterina Koba – this is the reason of such effect. Just take a look!

Hanny Honeymoon Fairy Tale Photography

Today we want to show you amazingly beautiful photo art by Hanny Honeymoon. “I’m a fine art photographer from good old Germany – Hannover. My main work is based on conceptual art, drawings and photography. I try to form my thoughts into every kind of art. I really love to let the creativity flow. I work with every material – from aquarell to makeup – from paper to faces.” Just take a look!

Photographer Creates Magical Scenes With Small Toys

To be creative you have to keep your inner child alive. Mexican photographer Felix Hernandez Rodriguez is a grown-up who’s never stopped playing. He creates his majestic photographs including small toys. Felix says that his photography is not “what exists there, but portray what exist in me”. The photographer creates magical scenes with the help of mundane products, such as flour to imitate snow or cigarette smokes to add some atmosphere. Felix mixes real and scaled models with the help of his vivid imagination and Photoshop. He uses a macro lens and the technique called “focus stacking’, when multiple photos are merged to create a wider focus. “It’s such a big pleasure to create, almost like a powerful drug… you soon are addicted to it.” See the addictive shots and behind-the-scenes below!

The Impressionist Experience: Between Photography And Painting

The Impressionist Experience is a collaboration between art director, Aurélien Bigot, and photographer, Richard Forestier. In 2012, Aurélien was living in Singapore and began a project aimed to capture and transfer real life to still paintings. After studying, and experimenting different techniques, he created a method that combined reality based images with an impeccable impressionist finish without any editing. This project, “Impressionist Windows”, received numerous international awards including Spikes and Creative Circles, with honorable mentions in advertising festivals, art blogs, online creative awards, etc. Returning to France in 2013, Aurélien still felt that this technique could be explored even further. He put together some references of classic painters (Rembrandt, Caravaggio, etc.) and extracted all the main characteristics reminiscent of their works : chiaroscuro, religious pose, naked chests, antique drapery, etc.”If we recreate scenes with those elements and shoot it with this special technique that imitates the painting texture, we can bring together impressionist art and photography creating the first impressionist photographs. This will lead the observer to doubt, unsure if faced with a painting or not, eventually realizing that it is indeed an absolutely unedited photograph.” This is the challenge that The Impressionist Experience was born from.

Dynamic Photos for Creamer 2.0 Campaign

Brussels-based photographer Jeffrey Vanhoutte freezes extraordinary instants in time in these expressive shots of an acrobatic dancer leaping and twirling amid dynamic clouds of powder. The Belgian photographer captured these spontaneous shots for the creative agency Norvell Jefferson in order to market Netherlands-based powdered milk producer Friesland Campina Kievit’s new creamers. “Friesland Campina Kievit’s new sensational creamers are about to take over the world. To do so, a fully integrated marketing campaign was created by Norvell Jefferson. From a creative brainstorm, to a 2-day film and photoshoot, to wide variety of communication assets, Norvell Jefferson was responsible for concept, design and development. The sensory explosion of Friesland Campina Kievit’s Creamers is featured throughout the campaign, leaving a worldwide impression.” Individual particles of powder form incredible shapes around the dancer’s body as she pulls off impressive feats of balance and nimbleness. Suspended in midair, frozen in motion, the model appears as graceful and elegant as a bird spreading its wings and taking flight.

Moments by Adrian Murray

Adrian Murray is a photographer based out of Louisville Kentucky. He specializes in portraits, and children portraits. Adrian Murray made it his mission to capture his children’s beautiful childhood moments through his lens. Adrian Murray’s beautiful portraits tell a story of childhood that all of us can relate to. His nostalgic point of view reminds us of our own childhoods and the storybooks we used to read while growing up.

Morning Views From The Tent

Russian photographer Oleg Gigoryev is showing us how’s great is to be outdoors, to travel and to spend every waking moment enjoying everything Mother Nature has to offer. His stunning photography series “Morning Views From The Tent” is a collection of photos taken every morning from Grigoryev’s tent as he travels all throughout the Fann Mountains of Tajikstan. These point of view photos will have you counting the days until your next outdoor adventure. Take a look!

Anka Zhuravleva’a Art Photography

Today we want to show you wonderful art photography from talented photographer from Russia, Anka Zhuravleva. Her photography is moving, painterly and demonstrative. She has a beautifully developed emotional interpretation in her work using both analog and digital compositions. Have fun!

Little Shao’s Dance Photography

Little Shao is a French Photographer from Paris. “I’m working a lot with dancers, models, actors, singers, and deejays, so I can say that my scope of people around me are mainly artists. My first step into the art world was in Dance as a Bboy in 1997. I’m a workaholic and don’t need a lot time to sleep for regenerating which is, I guess, due to my Vietnamese background. I made it into one of the most famous Business Schools in Paris, and started working in Finance, but 4 years after I decided to quit my job in Finance in order to work only as a photographer.” We represent to your attention some really wonderful dance photos of Little Shao. Enjoy!

30 Impressive Examples Of Tilt-Shift Photography

Such creative and unique type of photography as tilt-shift photography or so-called “miniature faking” became very popular nowadays. After small manipulation a life-sized location or subject looks like a miniature-scale model. And you have an unique opportunity to check how your world would look like if it were a toy world. In this collection we’ve gathered 30 really impressive and beautiful photos with tilt-shift effect. Have fun!

Aerial Photography of Klaus Leidorf

Have you ever want to see the world from the clouds? Photographer Klaus Leidorf wanted and did it. The aerial photography of Klaus Leidorf uncovers the beauty of man and nature’s creativity from a vantage point we seldom see, from far above. A field of scrap tires which is appalling to see from ground level becomes a playful looking field of black toys from high above. Beaches become works of art, instead of the bustling play area of beach goers. Logging storage areas look like a child’s play area, ready for kids to create log cabins and buildings galore. Farmer’s fields become a magical tapestry of colors, shapes, and designs that are the equal to any beautiful patchwork quilt. Take a look!

Paradise Parking by Peter Lippman

American artists Peter Lippman spent two years to find out places in forests where old cars rusts. In the series Paradise Parking photographer shows how nature takes over abandoned creations of human hands, how lying for decades old cars, overgrown with moss and ivy entangled, become a harmonious part of the surrounding space. Take a look!

Beautiful “Flower Love” Photos by Oer-Wout

Today we want to show you beautiful photos of photographer from Netherlands aka Oer-Wout. There are many talented artworks among his photos but today we will show part of his "Flower Love" collection. In this post you will find really stunning photos but the main attention was given to tulips and it’s so obvious for inhabitant of Netherlands. Have fun!

Fashion Photography by Sarah Louise Johnson

Fashion photographer from United Kingdom Sarah Louise Johnson is an amazing visionary photographer, with the passion to create the story both on location and in the studio. Her experience earns her respect in the industry and landing her a number of commercial publications with her work being featured in Rocker Years, Mod Years, Snap and All Access Magazine’s, as well as bookings from ASOS,, Sky’s ‘Girls versus boys – The Race’ and commissions from a number of bands, record labels, artists and fashion designers. Sarah specializes in Advertising, Fashion and Editorial photography with an eye for the smallest detail to create the biggest impact. Take a look!

Beautiful Art Photos by Iwona Drozda-Sibeijn

Today we want to show you beautiful and gentle photos of Iwona Drozda-Sibeijn, photographer from Amstelveen, the Netherlands. “I’m a manager, majoring in EU projects in non-profit organizations. Art has never been my profession but rather a hobby, which started playing more and more significant role in my life. 5 years ago I was still making collages in Corel Photopaint out of horrible photos taken with a compact camera. Getting new tools 2 years ago brought me to another level-I surprisingly noticed my pictures were gaining a better quality! This is where I am now; trying new techniques improving my stuff and share it all with wider audience. Yet still, art remains the same for me-a perfect way to embody my emotions.” Hope you will like it!

BIG GIRLS by the pool

Let’s bring some joy to the last days of the summer with this positive photoshoot by Anna Dias. It’s called “BIG GIRLS by the pool” and continues previous series that we’ve shown you earlier “BIG GIRLS don’t cry“. Same beautiful girls, positive atmosphere and unforgetable vintage style. Have fun!