Creative Sektorus Watch Concept

Today we want to show you another creative watch created by designers from Art Lebedev Studio. This beautiful quartz watch called “Sektorus Watch” features the body merging with the band. Two wedged displays showcase the hours and minutes/seconds separately; the date appears in a small window. The band is crafted from a flexible silicone material and fits your hand snugly. The body is all aluminum. For now it’s just a concept but perhaps soon it will be available for purchase. Take a look!

“Punctirus” – Creativity with Line Cut

This is unusual jewerly called “Punctirus” was created by Russian famous studio ArtLebedev and is oriented to the beautiful half of humanity. It can be used as a necklace as well as a bracelet. In accordance with the name this original jewerly looks like a line cut with tiny scissors in the middle. The creativity of this necklace-braslet is beyond any doubt.