New Vintage Stereo Receiver – Heaven 11 Billie Amp

For anyone that loves listening to music, chances are you might be missing out on some of the subtleness of sounds that the musicians intended because of the equipment you’re using to listen to it. With the Heaven 11 Billie Amp, you’ll be treated to a whole new listening experience that is second to none and has the added benefit of providing a superb aesthetic appeal which will elevate the look of whichever room you deploy it. Regardless of what your music format might be – Bluetooth, digital or vinyl- the combination of velvety tube sounds to digital ease and accuracy will ensure that the Billie Amp from Heaven 11 is the ideal amplifier for today’s connected living and music listening. It expertly combines the analog warmth of tubes to the precision of digital. The end result of this is a wide dynamic soundstage with a rich mellow delivery and unparalleled bass performance. You can effortlessly pair all your devices with the Billie Amp through AptX, the only audiophile-grade ‘lossless’ Bluetooth format. It also has an integrated Hi-Res DAC which makes sure every bit of your digital music is faithfully reproduced as the musicians intended. And be sure to check horn sound system.

Four Way Horn System “Imperia”

Instead of following current trends and embracing cutting edge technology, OMA audio always looks back to create audio equipment. The “Imperia” is a four way horn system with a vertical series of conical horns covering 100Hz to 20kHz, and two rear loaded subwoofer horns using a massive 21 inch neodymium woofer handling 20Hz to 100Hz. designed by David D’imperio, the wooden conical horns are made from a choice of solid pennsylvania black walnut, cherry or ash. The midrange horn uses the cogent field coil compression driver. The high frequency horn is cast by OMA from aluminum alloy and the outboard crossover network is coupled to the “Imperia” through a solid slate patchboard. The latest iteration features natural pennsylvania ash and is finished in had rubbed oil and way, to preserve the wood’s natural light color. Only the light colored sap wood was used from each tree, which greatly increased the amount of labor involved in fabrication. Combined with the black wrinkle finish frames and black slate water jet cut grills for the twin bass modules, the latest “Imperia” offers maximum contrast in materials. Custom internal wiring and newly designed harness improve the layout along with a modern circular rear compression chamber for the lower mid bass horn driver.