Gorgeous Hanging Bed Designed By Wiktor Jażwiec

Hanging beds are seen by some as being a sophisticated version of the hammock. But they’re much more than that. Take a look at the one designed by Wiktor Jażwiec. He’s a young designer from Poland who came up with the concept for a really interesting hanging bed. This one offers two positions. There’s the sleeping position and at this point all you see is a regular bed with a wooden frame. The only unusual detail are the four thick pieces of rope attached to the frame. The second position features the bed pulled all the way to the ceiling. That’s when the user utilizes a pulley system to maximize the floor space in the room. An automatic up/down mechanism lowers and raises the bed as needed. The bed has to be assembled on site by the buyer. Both the size and the materials are largely customizable. The largest bed weighs around 80 kg and features extra protection designed to make it safe and secure in the pulled up position. You can choose from a variety of wood finishes, lacquers and gloss paint options in order to customize the bed. Multiple colors are available. The bed comes with adjustable back lighting and the mattress is not included.

TV Bed – Functional Solution for Modern Bedroom

One thing that many people are prioritizing as their next design project is their bedroom. As arguably the most important room in the house, it is a sanctuary that is the first thing they see in the morning, as well as the last thing they take comfort from before going to sleep. With this in mind, a timeless yet elegant style is needed to carry through the seasons and, indeed, the years – the simple modern look is probably the best for this reason. As our embrace with technology continues to grow – and quite rapidly, too – it’s also important to factor certain gizmos and gadgets into the room, but not let them dominate. After all, you’re trying to get some sleep in here; it’s not easy to rest when there are blinking standby lights or quiet feedback from speakers. Luckily, even the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom – the bed – is the perfect place to combine style with technological function.

“StarLit” Daybed by Baldessari e Baldessari

This contemporary StarLit daybed designed by Baldessari e Baldessari for Starpool was originally created for relaxing at a high-end spa but they’ve also made it as a chaise lounger for your home. “The daybed appears massive in size but the olive wood cylinders on the ends have a pattern carved into them that breaks up the heaviness and lets light pass through. The pattern in the wood is in the shape of olive leaves. The cylinders are also meant to act as storage for pillows and blankets and whatever else you need to get your relaxation on. Whether in a spa or in a residence, this piece does look cozy and I would definitely be interested in taking a nap on it.” Take a look!

Oh My Dog

Many people don’t even know how much they love their pets. They are ready to buy best things to provide happy life for them. They buy best food, best accessories and of course the best beds. That’s why designers are trying to create something unusual and creative. And today we want to show some experiments of industrial designer Sébastien Maleville. These dog beds have quite unusual design. I’m not sure these beds will be comfortable for pets or not but they do looks very creative.