Folding and Compact E-bike X1 EXPLORER

A new electric bike has launched via Kickstarter this week an aims to raise $60,000 over the next 30 days. Called the X1 EXPLORER, the compact folding ‘e-bike’ features an X-shaped aluminum frame and can be folded from road-ready to golf-bag travel size in just a second. The X1 EXPLORER has two battery options – the standard 8.7ah version offering up to 40km, while an option to upgrade to an 11.6ah battery will reach just under 60km. A 250w brushless rear hub motor helps the vehicle, whose drive is powered by two 10-inch wheel, reach a top speed of 30km an hour on flat ground.

Futuristic Motorcycle – Yamaha’s AI-Powered Motoroid

The 2017 Tokyo Motor Show gets underway in October and promises a look at the future of transportation. Yamaha will be there with a slew of electric and self-driving concepts, including the Motodroid self-riding motorcycle. The anime-inspired, bleeding-edge design features AI that controls the bike and interacts with the ride as well. No details have been offered, so exactly what this concept bike is capable of will have to wait until it debuts in Tokyo.

Retro-Futuristic Harley Davidson Motorcycle Concept

Somewhere between classic and contemporary, heritage and novelty, a new amazing classic and retro-futuristic Harley Davidson motorcycle concept, with aerodynamic shell was designed by Alex Padwa & Davidi Gilad, 2 designers who don’t pretend to know about motorcycles, just about lines. Its single beam headlight and rear fender wheel cover harken to days past while its extreme sloped seat and aerodynamic shell look to tomorrow.

Bike in a Bag by Lucid Design

A small Indian company called Lucid Design has come up with an ingenious conceptual “bike in a bag”. At first, the bike doesn’t looks that special. Sure the design looks clean and simple, making it a good looking bike. But the “wow” part is that the bike fits in that small brown leather bag. This means that you won’t need a bicycle carrier hanging on your car when you want to take your bicycle with you during your holidays. According to the company, the bike would be assembled from a series of 21 parts that simply twist and lock together. Despite receiving a Red Dot 2014 Design Award for the concept, the company currently have no plans to put the bike into production.

The Sada Collapsible Bike

The Sada Bike takes the breakdown process to new heights with its lack of spokes, even with 26″ wheels, letting you fold it up in a single movement and stuff it into the packaging container that doubles as a backpack. The bike is currently just a working prototype as creator Gianluca Sada looks to round up some investors to lend a hand.

Monocasco Electric Bike by ART-TIC

Inspired by the famous Ossa monocasco bike of Santiago Herrero this concept bike is its electric version. Reliving the legacy of the legendary Sabtiago, who died racing his Ossa in the 1970 Grand Prix, this bike is a fitting tribute. Barselona based design studio ART-TIC created sturdy dependable city bike with eco engine. Take a look!

Hybrid Bike Concept “INgSOC”

Today we want to show you very interesting bike concept INgSOC by designers Edward Kim and Benny Cemoli. Unusual combination of aerodynamic shapes of triathlon designs, flexible handling of traditional bikes and advanced hybrid power technology turns ordinary bike into vehicle from fantastic movies. “The frame is constructed from carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) for its high strength yield to weight ratio. Adaptability comes from mono-direction reinforcing of the frame, directing stiffness by orienting carbon fiber strains along a projected trajectory. The battery which powers the motor, integrated front and rear lights, as well as a charging dock for communication devices, entertainment, or navigation is directly charged from the rider’s own energy output to maximize efficiency.”