Creative Wall Of Shelving

Belgium designer Filip Janssens creates custom furniture pieces tailored to the room it’s in, like this wrap-around cabinet in this home’s living room. Designed to continue around the corner, the black cabinet wall also surrounds the fireplace. Some of the shelves are highlighted with wood surrounds and are left open for displaying personal items.

Elegant Deer Bookshelf by beDesign

This beautiful and sculptural bookshelf by Finnish design firm beDesign is inspired by wild deer in the forest. It maintains a lightweight feel, thanks to its airy shelves. The shelf is perfect for storing books, magazines or small items. beDesign offers two versions of this shelving piece of art. The first one is made of solid oak and the second one is from metal and is available in two colors: black and white.

Flexible Shelving System “Chuck”

The following flexible shelving system for your walls called Chuck easily adapts to your individual storage needs. Designed by Natascha Harra-Frischkorn of hafriko, Chuck is made of flexible wooden planks that adjust to the books and objects it displays. The design is made up of six wooden planks and two stainless steel brackets that keep the planks in place. Each piece of wood can be individually adjusted as you wish so you can display your favorite stuff how you want. Depending on the amount of objects placed on each shelf, the planks bow out and become a different shape.

Fire Escape Wall Shelf

The following wall shelf looks like fire escape and it’s called the same – Fire Escape Wall Shelf. Crafted from metal it’s great for plants, figurines or even as a stand-alone accent. So if you need interesting element for your interior them you should definitely check this shelf. Want to buy? You can do it here. Aren’t you sure that this is exactly what you need? Then check other shelves, for example Multifunctional Bookshelf Fusillo or Wooden Typographic Bookshelf.

Multifunctional Bookshelf Fusillo

An Italian multifunctional shelf made of solid oak, modifies into a sensible coat hook, bicycle rack, or book ends. Wooden bookshelves made of modular elements. All the modules are designed to rotate around a central axis providing support for the books. When untwisted the shelf is completely monolithic, the bottom part of the twisted modules allocates hooks where you can hang anything you like. Multiple shelves can be endlessly combined to customize your space. Fusillo is an artisan piece made of solid oak and polished stainless steel by andViceVersa. Take a look!

Wooden Typographic Bookshelf

Displaying a wonderful typographic design, this personal bookshelf embodies the designer’s passion for typography and words, adding personality and originality to contemporary interior designs. Imagined by graphic designer Matt Innes in collaboration with Saori Kajiwara, this bookshelf is a great method of displaying your favorite books in a fresh and creative manner, showing how typography can prove useful around the house.

Hold on Tight Bookshelf by Colleen Whiteley

Some time ago we’ve shown you interesting collection of the most creative bookends and today we want to show you another one – Hold on Tight bookshelf by Colleen Whiteley. “Your books are no longer in danger of toppling over. Over-sized wing-nut allows bookend to slide into place and be secured wherever it’s needed. Offered in Beech, Walnut and Oak. Water based stain and all natural Shellac finish. Aluminum cube and wingnut powdercoated.” Want to add creative item to your interior – check this bookshelf!

15 Creative Bookends

It’s been quite long time then we last time show you collection of interesting product designs and today we want to correct it. In the following collection you will see the most interesting and creative bookends. Unusual and stylish they can be a good present for your friend if he likes to read and have lots of books. With the help of this collection you can select a bookend that will perfectly suit for your friend, emphasize his character. Or you can pick up a bookend for your own interior. In any case this collection of creative bookends will be helpful. Have fun!

Creative Bookworm Bookcase by Atelier 010

The Dutch designers at Atelier 010 have created the Bookworm bookcase. “Bookworm is the sculptural answer to a commission to design and produce an organic bookcase. Due to the curved shape, the case also offers a place to sit and relax. The self-supporting shape consists of three parts, which are assembled on site and kept upright by a stainless steel foot in the sidewall. Bending thin layers of MDF and plywood across custom-made molds creates the curved shape. The outsides of the walls are spray-painted in colour, whilst the insides are fresh in white. A light bulb dangling from the top of the worm gives light to the reader’s eyes.” Take a look!

Creative Hanger “Half = One”

This time we want to show you very interesting shelf. Designer’s imagination and creativity found a new role to a common object that differs to its primary function. Spanish artist and designer Tess Hill transformed a wooden chair in a clothes hanger with shelf by simply cutting it in half, flipping and hanging it on the wall. Take a look! And perhaps it will inspires you to create something interesting extra new from old objects.

Invisible Bookshelf

Let us show you cool and innovative book shelf called “Conceal book shelf” by Umbra. It’s made of powder coated steel and hangs simply on the wall with the included hardware. Its design is quite simple but creates illusion that book shelf isn’t even exists and all books in your room float in the air. It holds up to 15 pounds of books. Your friend will be amazed for sure. If you want to add some “magic” to your interior – buy these book shelves for just $10.99 here.

“The WisdomTree” Bookshelf by Jordi Milà

Let us show you interesting concept of bookshelf called “The WisdomTree” and created by Spanish designer Jordi Milá. “The WisdomTree is for people who see books as a source of knowledge and emotions and not simply as decorative objects. Its fluid and organic shape is inspired by growth of a plant. The books that represent the fruit of knowledge are supported by pieces covered in leather.” Have fun!

Creative Bookshelf “Check” by Jongho Park

We’ve shown you a lot of different creative bookshelves and here is another interesting design. Created by Jongho Park this bookshelf called Check was made by gathering the plywood of birch, and by attaching the square shape of iron of checking article shape to the back of the wood. Such design will graphically illustrate your love to books, design and furniture. Quite interesting, don’t you think?

Letter Shelves by Ricard Mollon

These thermoformed acrylic letterforms by Ricard Mollon aren’t just book shelves, they also tell a lot about your home, quite literally. These shelves are available in floor standing size, or smaller versions for your wall, each letter is sold individually to allow you the freedom to put things in your own words. The most pleasant thing that these shelves are available for purchase at Quattria. You can use them as a room divider, or as a bedside tables. Take a look!

Creative Typeshelf by Ufuk Keskin

This creative shelf called Typeshelf easily transforms from ordinary 2D object into 3D functioning product. Designer Ufuk Keskin creates a whole series of such objects called “Flat Objects” for Thirtyfive Creative Works and this shelf is a part of it. “Typeshelf brings typography into product design by using the word as the object. 2D cut out letters on stainless steel are bent along the perforations at the bottom to form the “shelf”.”

Dream Bookshelf by Dripta Design Studio

Dream Bookshelf concept by Dripta Design Studio was inspired by the ability of every design to be made about fun and imagination. The dream bookshelf is a conversation starter no matter where it is. Your livingroom or your kids play room. Targeted release date to be mid next year.

LED Light and Armchair

In modern life it became very important for furniture to be compact and to have several various functions. Like this unique furniture “Light and armchair” which was found at LED-Emotionalize. It have two functions. First one is LED lamp – calm light can be used both as a night lamp and as a lamp for reading. The second function is armchair and at the same time bookshelf. Besides of its advantages this armchair have stylish design and will be suitable for almost all decors. Looking at the last wave in furniture design – Compact LadyBird or Mini Kitchen – it becomes very clear how this branch will be proceed in further.