Top 10 Most Expensive Bottles of Wine in the World 2018

There is something about wine that makes it an immensely royal experience every time you take a sip. It features in all the old texts, and so strong is the attraction for it that even many religions look the other way when it comes to drinking wine. The vines of southern Europe are perceived as more than cultural heritage today. The drink of kings, here is a list of 10 bottles of wine sold that were so expensive as to make them the stuff of dreams.

Majestic Bottle For Christian Dior J’adore Exceptional Edition

Victoire de Castellane, the renowned Parisian jewelry designer who’s been charming everyone as the creative director of Christian Dior’s fine jewelry division for many, many years, has just imagined an incredible bottle for the brand’s new J’adore Exceptional Edition, a wonderful flacon blending 18th century design ideas with 21st century elements. This majestic bottle was specially designed to look like something that would have probably been hidden inside a piece of furniture from the Court of Versailles, away from a stranger’s eyes. It looks like it’s suspended in time and space, blending in tradition and innovation only to tease our senses to the limit. The ribbon decorating the amphora was able to transcend the universe of imagination using a special technique, with a layer of silver placed over a layer of rose gold. The two metals were bonded together before they were dipped into an oxidizing bath that blackens the silver, to add a special touch of patina to this jewel before you. Furthermore, each crystal amphora is mouth-blown by the master glassblowers at Baccarat, as only this prestigious crystal glassmaker could have come up with such a seductive result to match the fragrance. To top it all off, Victoire de Castellane handwrites the name J’adore on each flacon.

Bright and Positive Sangria Lolea Packaging Design

Combine the love of sangría with the outdoors and the result is a perfect picnic-styles bottles of  Sangria Lolea. Pick white and red colors, add a full coverage pois pattern, and in these beautiful bottles you find everything you will need for a picnic. The special touch? A blanket, Lolea flag banner and branded deckchairs! “Lolea is a ready-made cocktail, ready to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. But you will enjoy Lolea best when you drink it outdoors and in good company! There are lots of Lolea moments in a day. Its moderate alcohol content, frizzante style and refreshing fruit flavor makes Lolea the perfect aperitif to be served before lunch, or at lunch, or in the afternoon… and of course for social evenings. Lolea is shared with friends, with family and always brings joy and celebration!” The author of this elegant packaging is Estudio Versus.

The Last Drop Dunny by Sket & Huck Gee

While both Sket and Huck Gee have stellar reputations for their high-end custom editions, they’ve never collaborated on a custom Dunny, well until now.  A decade of work has lead to their first collaboration – The Last Drop Dunny. Last Drop is a seductively dangerous concoction, blending Huck’s Skullhead character with Sket’s signature bottle aesthetic from his long-running Dunny condiment series.  With a mix of clear and purple translucent materials and tight graphics, this poisonous piece has quite the visual sting.  As you’d expect from Huck and Sket, they’ve gone all out on the details including a real cork stopper and a laser etched cherry wood tag.  Additionally, the signed/numbered  8″ Dunny comes with a  custom screen printed shot glass, and a velour traveling bag. In keeping with Sket’s release style, The Last Drop Dunny will be offered as a timed release beginning at 12 AM PST on February 21st and running for 24 hours through 11:59 PM PST that day (all day Friday) for $475. Final edition size will be determined by received orders during the 24 hour sales period.  Last Drop is expect to arrive at collector’s doorsteps roughly 6 to 8 weeks after ordering, sometime in April.

Tokaji Wine Bottle by Szabolcs Moldovan

Take a look at the stunning packaging design for Tokaji wine bottle created by Szabolcs Moldovan, Romania. “All elements of the packaging are hand carved by an artist, further giving it value. This would be possible due to the fact that the aim of the product is not mass production. Materials used are wood and metal/precious metals. The wood wine holder symbolizes a cathedral that protects the wine, and even after the wine is consumed, the packaging can be reused as an artwork on a shelf or table, while the label that contains precious metals can be taken off the bottle and hanged on the wall of wine cellars, to further push the idea of reusable packaging, packaging that has value, and should not be thrown away or discarded. With all the work that goes into packaging these days, it is still heartbreaking to see that they end up in the trash.” And don’t forget to check our post about Most Expensive Bottles of Wine.

Blood of Grapes Wine Bottle

The following creative bottle design created by Belarusian designer Constantin Bolimond is based around the concept of wine as the blood of grapes. The striking form is themed off a human heart to reference the fruit’s origin – France. The product is realized in black and white finishes, featuring a simple inverse typeface to communicate the wine’s label. The design brings a new meaning to the devil’s nectar. Take a look at this bottle as well as on most expensive bottles!

Square Heineken Bottle by Petit Romain

If you love beer or even obsess about it then this new concept of the bottle is for you. French industrial designer Petit Romain recently conceived of a way to take beer outside the bottle. Tired of round bottles in six-packs that clink together and are difficult to stack, Romain imagined enjoying Heineken out of a square bottle instead. Back in the early 1960s, Heineken debuted a rectangular beer bottle that doubled as a glass brick. Similar to that design, the Heineken Cube concept delivers optimal storage for manufacture, transport, and ultimately consumer use. Take a look! And if you were surprised by the design of this bottle you should check Top 10 Most Expensive Bottles of Wine in the World.

Brand Identity for 5 Olive Oil

When we’re talking about olive oil we used to see quite standard bottles. But not this time. Today we will show you very unusual packaging design for a new premium series of Greek extra virgin olive oil. “5” stands for quintessence in olive oil. Brand identity and packaging design were developed by design team Designers United that was brought into being by acclaimed art directors Dimitris Koliadimas and Dimitris Papazoglou in order to engage visual research and systematic methodology into the design process. Have fun!

Lambda Oil – World’s First Luxurious Olive Oil

If you think that olive oil despite its indisputable helth benefits is cheap and common thing, let us surprise you. This the Lambda Oil by Sperion Co. is world’s first luxurious oil. Its uniqueness is in its packaging design. This Lambda olive oil bottle lets its buyer have his/hers signature embossed on the sleek, minimalistic flask-like Lambda bottle along with a special marking for this exclusive edition on the shoulder of the bottle. An this little nuance will cost you $15,200 per bottle. The design of the bottle is really stylish but the question is: are you ready to pay such extra cash for your signature on the bottle with olive oil?

Balblair Scotch Whisky 1989 Special Edition

Lisbon based Multidisciplinary Design Studio NT.GJ has created extremely stylish design for Balbair whisky. This is a sensitive and sophisticated approach to Balblair, a traditional scottish whiskey brand. This passionately designed pack preserves the essence of premium and expensive single malt whisky.

Stylish Design for Anécdotas

This stylish design for Spanish brand San Miguel was created by graphic designer Eren Saracevic. Bear Anécdotas is a new beer to drink in a pub or a bar by the night. And designer decided to use images with possible ways of ending the night, that could become anecdotes to tell in a bar or pub conversation. At the back there were a little copy about the anecdote that happend to the person from photo. Stylish, creative and accurate harping of the beers title.