Rising Collection – Foldable Furniture by Robert van Embricqs

Dutch designer Robert van Embricqs created a foldable furniture series, in which each piece starts with a flat surface and is capable of intricately folding itself up into an minimal design. The idea is simple, and that is to commence with a flat surface that can transform into a piece of stylish furniture. Looking at natural transformations, that function beautifully without cumbersome, or clumsy design, provided the inspiration for the incision pattern that in turn became the latticework of “woven” wooden beams that make-up the table’s centre. The Rising Collection, which features mostly furniture made of bamboo caramel, includes a chair, table and fruit bowl among others. Inspired by natural forms, Van Embricqs’ work predominantly explores the extent to which objects can dictate their own design.

10 Most Creative Products for Your Kitchen

If you’re in the mood to add a twist to your day to day cooking routine, feel like impressing your dinner guests, or even just need to find the perfect gift for the design-enthusiastic person, this is just for you. SOHO Design Shop is an online store where unique and innovative items are affordable and attainable. Cute kitchen gadgets that will make your time in the kitchen much more enjoyable! Here are our top ten most creative ones for your kitchen:

Kishu Collection by Maya Selway

Designer Maya Selway’s Kishu collection consists of a series of objects that were designed to look like careless, half-finished sketches of candle holders, vases and bowls. Each object in the Kishu collection is carefully weighted at its base to support its lopsided structure. “I worked for a long time to get the balance just right,” said Selway. The collection recently won second prize in the Object category at the Interieur Design Awards at the Interieur Design Biennale in Kortrijk, Belgium.

Creative Giraffe Sugar Basin

If you want to bring some fun to your kitchen take a look at this extremely cute sugar bowl called “Giraffe Sugar Basin”. This giraffe is a spoon. It is relaxed and waiting to be used. Such creative sugar bowl will decorate any table and bring some positive emotions to the morning coffee. You can buy it here. Have fun!

Spectacular “Space Bowls” by Sebastian Errazuriz

New York-based Chilean artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz made planets closer and smaller than you think. His spectacular series "Space Bowls" features Earth, Moon and Sun. Small scale food plates with photographic planetary prints of the Sun, Moon and Earth. Made in partnership with Kikkerland, these designs for the dining table are a cool backdrop for sci-fi inspired lomographs. Fantastic art work! If you want to buy these bowls you can do it here fo $25.

Arms & Crafts

Krasznai is a young studio from Barcelona, Spain. Their new collection "Arms & Crafts" consists of ceramic objects for home decoration: vases, mugs and bowls. But all the art works are a bit different. They added small hands to each object and it looks pretty nice. As they said "we like to think that they all have their own behaviour". Average price is $50.

Smart Pan

William Spiga and Juliana Proserpio Martins from Brazil became a finalists on IDEA Brasil 2009 and Brasil Design Awards with this creative pan called “Coral Pan”. At the first glance it’s just well designed pan. But it’s not so simple. Coral changes color depending of temperature in order to alert the user avoiding burns and accidents in the kitchen. And as additional feauture this pan has the easily removable handle which allow to use this pan as bowl.