The Bracelet Flask by Julianne Ahn

Inspired by a small ring-shaped Pennsylvanian hip flask from the 19th Century, designer Julianne Ahn has created the contemporary and fun Bracelet Flask. No need to hide this in your hip pocket, the Bracelet Flask is a porcelain vessel that you can wear like a bracelet, and holds a shots worth of liquor. The Bracelet Flask is part of the 2015 Spring Collection from Areaware.

Entangled Jewellery Collection by NIIRO

The prickliness of a sea urchin, the fragile delicateness of a fall leaf, the rugged surface of sea rocks, heat coming from a volcano crater…These are the forms and textures which inspire and form the essence of the Entangled jewellery collection by NIIRO. This collection of handmade body adornments is marked by the innovativeness of irregularly patterned knitting, sparkling, colourfulness, and genuineness and uniqueness of the material used. Not only the design, but also the structure is inspired by natural forms and textures, which gives the jewellery an impression of a tidy chaos.

Beautiful Collection of Nature Inspired Jewelry

Combinations “Eco-friendly” or “nature-inspired” become very popular lately. And fashion tries not to fall behind. Every season fashion designers offer new lines of jewelry inspired by nature. Since it’s a common flow many of these collections go unnoticed. And we had tried to find the most creative and the most beautiful by our opinion nature-inspired jewelry collection. Created by different designers each piece from the following collection will surely attract your attention by its originality. So jump into the collection and enjoy!

Jewelry in Steampunk Style

Steampunk became very popular trend today. There were a few posts at our blog about steampunk sculptures – Remarkable Collection of Steampunk Sculptures and Unique Steampunk Insects. Today we want to show you another way of using this style: jewelry. Daniel Proulx from Canada creates really amazing steampunk rings, bracelets, pins and necklaces. If you want to be unique and if such jewelry in your style you can find all these stuff at

Gothic Jewelry from Bjorg

Today we want to show unusual and creative jewerly collection made by Bjorg. Bjorg is 34 years old girl designer from Norway. As noticed on her biography she was never fascinated by classical jewellery, there has to be a soul. And according to these thoughts she created fabulous jewerly collection consisted of necklace, rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants. Everything is made from precious and natural materials. Products created by Bjorg can be described with the words “gothic”, “vintage”, “fabulous”, “surreal”…