Lovely Branding For CS Electric by Angelina Pischikova

To create this lovely branding for CS Electric, Belarus-based graphic designer Angelina Pischikova worked with illustrator Anna Orlovskaya. They took their inspiration from old physics books and their very detailed illustrations to build a new kind of electric insects. The result is both poetic and efficient, with a clear, minimalist use of white space and type.

Corporate Identity for Malta’s Dagger & Co. Tattoo Shop

When you think of a tattoo shop, a certain aesthetic springs to mind, and it’s certainly much less glamorous than this. The two owners of the Dagger & Co. Tattoo Shop in Malta asked designer Chad Michael to make their shop stand out from the crowd, and the result is this luxurious but still very tattoo-y corporate identity. With classy appointment reminders, gold foil business cards, and even wax seals on envelopes, and a logo which combines modern design with traditional tattoo styles, the shop definitely exudes cool. Dagger & Co. also launched Malta’s first international tattoo convention, which the designer also created posters for.

Corus – Music For The Hearing Impaired

Corus is an interesting concept project by Apiwat (Peet) Anuntrachartwong which is a C-shaped vibrational collar that would sit around the hearing impaired person’s neck and deliver musical vibrations. The collar is a simple C shape and is very sleek and minimal. The entire brand identity and the packaging design for the product follows the product’s aesthetic of modern simplicity. ‘The name Corus comes from the mixing of the word ‘core’ and ‘chorus’. ‘Core’ represent the vibration that is the core of the sound, and ‘chorus’ is the part of the song structure, which is the refrain or a repeat of the catchy part of the song, represent the idea of the hearing impaired could ‘hear’ (feel) the music again like the chorus that comes back in the song.” The product name “Corus” is set in a smooth, round font with a tilde symbol above the letter “R.” The tilde symbol represents the connection between the language of music and the vibrational waves of sound. You will see the tilde icon being used as a key element throughout the product’s art direction, not just incorporated into the logo. Flaming bright red is the color of choice for this brand, always paired with white. Red is an emotionally intense color, it is associated with energy and excitement. Between the energy of red and the wave patterning of the tilde, you can almost “feel” the representation of this vibrational music.

Alchemy Coffee Co. Branding

Graphic designer and letterer Ben Johnston in collaboration with industrial designer Mark Simmons have created ultramodern design for Alchemy Coffee Co. “The Alchemy Coffee set is all about ritual; from running your fingers across the lid of the handmade wormy maple box, to neatly arranging all the components on the leather lined serving tray, to grinding and brewing the perfect beans, to spinning the ceramic cups and watching the morning light reflect off the facets as you contemplate life. It’s all black because we wanted something that would match our v-necks. Throughout the project the goal was to emphasize craftsmanship. Whether it was machine-made or handmade, we wanted the level of detail and quality of execution to be apparent. Leveraging the appropriate process for each element and seamlessly combining them; 3d printed ceramics, laser engraved illustration and branding elements, hand tooled and dyed leather, handmade wormy maple parts and CNC’d leather embossing stamps. We were intrigued by the concept that craftsmanship is not limited to things made by hand; perfectly forming a bezier curve on a tablet or modelling a nice facet in CAD, can be just as valid and beautiful as hand carving a wooden spoon.”

Brand Identity of Manhattn’s Burgers by Pinkeye

Manhattn’s is a delicious hamburger restaurant bringing the taste of New York to brussels. The establishment didn’t only need to transfer cuisine across the world, but also an appearance that captures the heart of the city. Fulfilling this need for a complete visual identity, including graphics, packaging, and interior design, the owners approached the award winning studio of Pinkeye.

“Motion Theater” Branding

German graphic designer Caroline Grohs created a great branding for a fictitious theater named “Motion Theater”. “The logo intertwines the dancers movements and their connections to the theater, so that it appears to be in motion at all times. The dancers, their moves and the music create a new sphere due to their everlasting dependence on one another. It seems as if they originate from the theater. Therefore, the logo (on posters) arises in immediate incorporation to the dancer.” And with this project Caroline won a Red Dot Design Award. Enjoy!

Foodservice Brand Identity

It’s been a long time since we show you interesting example of brand identity and today we decided to fix it as soon as possible. Take a look at creative example of brand identity for Silver Fern Farms venison and beef products for the food service industry. These communications go directly to Chefs and Restaurants. The author is Designworks. What do you think about it? Do you like such brand identity?

The Makery Branding by David Goh

A naming & branding project for a creative consultancy with a primary focus on hand-crafted models created by David Goh. The Makery is a creative consultancy with a primary focus on hand-crafted models, installation design and art direction. Apart from commercial projects, The Makery endeavours to be a provider of workshops for students in a bid to spur creativity within local youths. By working closely with the client, we arrived at The Makery: When one thinks of a bakery, one pictures oven-baked pastries lovingly prepared by hand. The Makery, on the other hand, produces stunning pieces of hand-crafted art.

Brand Identity for Trofana Alpin

Today we want to show you elegant brand identity made by Bureau Rabensteiner. “For a design agency located in the middle of the Tyrolean Alps – with an economy thriving on summer and winter tourism, it is almost an exception to have not worked on a project within the hotel industry. The Trofana Alpin was the very first of what has now become a group of hotels in the winter sports resort Ischgl. The hotel group is family owned and holds the very foundation of the Von der Thannen family history. For that reason this project turned into something personal and very close to our hearts. We redesigned the look and feel of the brand with a focus on their exemplary ability to balance tradition with modern convenience and understated luxury.” Take a look!

Brand Identity for

Today we want to show you stylish brand identity for well know brand “Established in 1996, B.V. guarantees the best prices for any type of property, ranging from small independent hotels to a five star luxury through The website is available in 41 languages and offers over 227,555 hotels in 169 countries.” The author of such quality brand identity is Todytod from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Take a look!

Pastime Visual Identity by Ahmed Infas

Today we want to show you simple and at the same time elegant visual identity made by designer from Maldives Ahmed Infas. "Pastime is the first of its kind hobby shop established in Maldives with a wide variety of hobby product ranging from beginner to professional level." This work doesn’t feature bright colors and doesn’t contain unusual or extremely creative ideas but it looks really stylishly. Designer perfectly did his job. Check it out!

Brand Identity for Rest Group

Take a look at beautiful brand identity made by Design studio “Eskimo” from Murmansk, Russia for “Rest Group”. The following identity was created for the company, including about 20 public catering establishments. Elegant and quite vanilla firm style will find its fans for sure. Take a look!

Brand Identity for Balzac Brasserie

Today we want to show you stylish brand identity for a authentic French restaurant in Singapore made by design studio Bravo. “Concept of the brand is based loosely on French novelist and playwright Honoré de Balzac. A quill and inkwell make up the icon of the logo. We handpicked a few of Balzac’s amusing quotes, those with references to food and beverages, and placed them around the interior of the restaurant in appropriate typographical treatment. We’ve also created a couple of posters inspired by Balzac’s novels to play up the concept.” As a result we see awesome interior. Especially interesting looks typography on the wall. Check it out and comment!

Brand Identity for 5 Olive Oil

When we’re talking about olive oil we used to see quite standard bottles. But not this time. Today we will show you very unusual packaging design for a new premium series of Greek extra virgin olive oil. “5” stands for quintessence in olive oil. Brand identity and packaging design were developed by design team Designers United that was brought into being by acclaimed art directors Dimitris Koliadimas and Dimitris Papazoglou in order to engage visual research and systematic methodology into the design process. Have fun!

Creative Branding for Point G

Chez Valois was mandated in 2011 to review the overall identity of the Point G brand. "The challenge of the mandate was both to express and evoke the pleasure of gastronomy while depicting the enthusiasm, passion and humour of the colourful chief proprietors of Point G, Thierry and Julien. Our challenge was to create an intimacy, an interaction with the consumer, in a way that makes the initiated smile and charms even the most timid. The words appearing in fuchsia on the packaging are those associated with gastronomy and good food. Both catchy and intriguing, they surprise and titillate the imagination. The mouth-watering images depict the freshness and finesse of the product. The structural design of the boxes, in turn, provides the packaging platform with its distinctive character, enhances the sensory experience for the consumer, and allows for fun and engaging store displays. The result of the packaging platform is powerful, while speaking with finesse and humour. " Have fun!

Brand Identity for SJ Options

Take a look at another project by branding agency Higher – comprehensive brand identity development for options trading mentor based in San Jose. “SJ Options is options trading course and mentoring based on Max Safety, Max Reward option trading strategies. Their options training addresses today’s volatile and fast-moving market conditions based on unique and innovative option trading strategies that provide much more safety protection against sudden losses.”

Corporate Identity for Liverpool English Pub

This gorgeous logo and corporate identity were created by advertisign agency Reynolds and Reyner for the Liverpool English Pub in Ukraine. “While working on project it was very important to show the connection between our brand and traditional England. Especially with its famous town – Liverpool. That’s why we’ve started from analysis of history and key elements of town’s name and logo.”

Stylish Brand Identity for Brown&Hobbs

Another great example of brand and corporate identity from Higher. This time for digital agency Brown & Hobbs. “Brown & Hobbs is a highly integrated and full service agency specializing in campaign development, media production and placement, digital production and development, and research derived marketing and PR campaigns.” Professionally created logo looks simple but at the same time extremely stylish. So well done guys! However as always!

Corporate and Brand Identity for Prospectacy

Another portion of quality corporate and brand identity from Higher. This time for Cyprus company Prospectacy. “Client asked about new brand identity that will help to standout and deliver services with pride, passion and excellence. Since Prospectacy worked with a Russian clients a lot, they wanted to incorporate a two-headed eagle as a sign of brand, but at the same time do it in “different”; way for reduce similarity with Cypriot National Guard emblem.’ Excellent job!

Brand Identity for Outlet by Higher

We’re a real fans of Prague based brand experience agency Higher. Guys excellently do their work but additionally they have perfect sense of style and represent it in the most favorable light. The following post will show you development of new brand identity and website for Outlet – a deal-of-the-day website that features discounted gift certificates usable at local companies of Singapore and Indonesia. Just take a look and you will understand what we mean!