Top 10 Most Expensive Cars in the World – 2018

A car is not just a mode of conveyance, but also a piece of art cherished, often decades after its production. Big names like Lamborghini, Aston Martin and of course, Rolls Royce often come at very high prices and are only meant for rich collectors as many of them are often sold out before they reach the public. While most of the cars listed here are wildly out of the reach for most, it is a sheer pleasure just to look at them. However, it is often difficult to prepare such a list because the manufacturers often keep the price under the wraps and preserve them for potential customers only. And it so happens that when they end up in auctions, their prices are set way above the original. So here you go with the most expensive luxury cars of 2018 existing at present. Have fun reading!

Luxury And Extraordinary Bugatti Atlantic

Bugatti has always been a name synonymous with speed, luxury, exclusivity, an extraordinary design and a great passion for automobiles. Palestinian designer Arthur B. Nustas is proposing a different take on one of Bugatti’s most legendary designs, the Type 57 Atlantic, an iconic car that was produced in just four units, and only three of them have survived to this day. Nustas’ modern take on the Bugatti Atlantic seems to be a marvelous blend between the stylish lines and design cues of the Atlantic and modern elements from the new Chiron. This is merely a design study, although a very beautiful one. The very long hood reminds us of the 1930’s fast boasts and makes us think about the massive power plant that could possibly fit beneath. This might prove to be an awesome evolution of the Chiron in the years to come, if it’s ever considered. So, if you like luxury cars then you should definitely check our list of top 10 most expensive cars.

Luxury And Powerful Yacht – Limited Edition Bugatti Niniette 66

Sometimes the only thing boats share with the sports cars that “inspired” them is their name and a coat of paint. That is demonstrably not the case with the Palmer Johnson x Bugatti Niniette 66 Yacht. The curving line that defines the sides of the Chiron is carried over to the 20-meter-long vessel. On deck, there’s a luxurious lounge area, with a hot tub, fire pit, and champagne bar, and the interior quarters are similarly posh, with plenty of leather, suede, carbon, and polished metal, a guest bathroom, a galley kitchen, a skylight, and an enormous bed. Despite all this, the Man V8 engines are still able to propel the boat up to 48 knots, giving you the performance you’d expect from a yacht inspired by one of the world’s fastest cars. Also we recommend you to check the list of the most expensive luxury yachts in the world.

TOP 15 Most Beautiful Cars Of All Time

Beauty is subjective. However, while acknowledging individual tastes in cars, certain car models tend to come up time and time again, in terms of their classy and iconic looks. Here are 15 all-time classics, listed as a gift for your car enthusiastic soul. And don’t forget to check our previous post about 15 fastest cars in the world.

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse Legends Black Bess

The Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse Legends Black Bess – the latest in Bugatti’s “Legends Series” – will make its debut on April 21st at the Auto China Beijing 2014. The fifth model of the six-model Legends Series, the new Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse Black Bess pays homage to the Bugatti Type 18 “Black Bess.” Like the original car, the new Veyron is painted black and features gold accents throughout the exterior. Some of those gold accents, including the Veyron Gran Sport Vitesse’s grille and rear badge are made of actual 24-carat gold. While the original car was powered by 5.0-liter inline four cylinder, the new Bugatti is equipped with the 1,200 PS 8.0 liter W16 engine, helping this black beautify sprint to 60 miles per hour in just 2.6 seconds. Opening the doors reveals a light beige upholstery, and gold emblems round things out. The interior the Veyron Black Bess features beige leather seats with contrasting brown leather trim, and a red steering wheel. The brown-leather-finished panels feature hand-painted scenes of the Type 18 Black Bess in action. Each of the six Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse Legends Black Bess models will feature different artwork on the door panels, ensuring no two are alike.

Bugatti Gangloff Concept

Today we want to show you amazing concept car created by Polish designer Paweł Czyżewski. The Bugatti Gangloff Concept is a design study of a sleek supercar inspired by the 1938 Type 57 SC Atalante Coupe one-off. The name Gangloff is from the French coach-builder that created the Type 57 SC Atalante. As you can see from features like the size air intakes and the horsehoe grille, the car also brings in cues from the Veyron. “In times of commercial trash and plastic it is hard to see something that has a soul and is able to squeeze out a positive mark on the heart,” Czyzewski said about the car.

Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport L’Or Blanc

French supercarmaker Bugatti in collaboration with Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur has released unique version of Bugatti Veyron – Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport L’Or Blanc. It’s the world’s first vehicle with porcelain elements in exterior and interior design. “At first, it seems to be an unusual idea to use porcelain in a car, especially in the world’s fastest convertible,” comments Dr. Stefan Brungs, Director of Sales and Marketing at Bugatti Automobiles.

Wrist Watches from Famous Auto Brands

The tradition of producing wrist watches under auto brand name starts in the early 20 th century when the first wrist watch has appeared. Many legendary car manufacturers produce their own line of watches dedicated to anniversaries and special occasions in the life of brands. Most auto makers have contracts with famous watch companies and produce watches with their labels. But some auto makers such as Lamborghini and Porsche prefer to have their own watch factory and produce their own wrist watches. These watches from the first sketches to design of gift packaging are entirely made by specialists of legendary auto brands. Also we recommend you to check the list of the most luxurious watch brands for men.

Bugatti-inspired Sporting Watch
from Ralph Lauren

“Every Bugatti is in a certain way an art object, from its dashboard to its tooling to its engine. Every detail on the car is like fine art, or maybe I should say like a very fine watch.” – Ralph Lauren. Famous desginer has unveiled a special watch inspired by his own vintage Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic Coupe 1938. The dial color is a matte black galvanic with matte brown elm burl wood decoration. The watch will contain an IWC made manually wound movement. This elegant timepiece is now available through Ralph Lauren’s Sporting collection for a price of $13,200.

Coffee Machines from Ferrari and Others

It’s almost ordinary thing that famous brand work together to create coolest gadjets. And this time luxury car brand Ferrari and company Nespresso have teamed up to make this ultimate espresso machine called “The Racepresso”. It was designed by talanted designer Ilgar Rustamov. Made in the form of helmet such unusual coffee machine will look perfectly inside your Ferrari or in your kitchen if you don’t have this car. For now it’s just a concept but hope it will be availiable for purchasing in nearest future. Also, such cooperation is not absolutely new. Famous auto brands created a few coffee machines. You could find them at the end of the post.

Bugatti Aerolithe Concept from Douglas Hogg

This stunning concept was created by 22 years old designer Douglas Hogg for his final project at Coventry University ( Automotive design course ). The prototype of this Bugatti concept is legendary vehicle showcased at the 1935 Paris Motor Show – Bugatti Electron Aerolithe. As Douglas explains, the concept is "a minimalist exercise in pure surfacing […] inspired by Ettore Bugatti’s principles of automotive design and the legacy of the original Aerolithe." In this design the doors – which integrate part of the dashboard – adopt an original opening system, dubbed "split opening canopy", which "adds drama to getting in and out gives easy access to the interior."