Limited Edition Burberry A/W12 Umbrellas

Famous fashion brand Burberry released their limited edition handcrafted A/W12 umbrellas. Their stunning handles are handmade by an Italian craftsman. Each umbrellas features a polished finish and individual character where as no two are completely identical. A variety of duck heads umbrella handles, ram and hound heads umbrella handles range from $850 to $1295. Take a look at these high fashion walking umbrellas having old school charm with a modern edge!

Splash of Color by Burberry Brights

Let us show you ads campaign of bags from Burberry Brights spring-autumn 2011. To show the splash of bright colors of bags creators of advertising had decided to show splash in a general sense of the word. They dipped bags into the water. In addition to the photos in the continuation you’ll see commercial, where you can follow up this act of vandalism in the dynamics.