Nika Zupanc’s Cylindrical Cabinet for Storing Keepsake

The Slovenian designer Nika Zupanc designed a cylindrical cabinet with one hundred and forty four small white drawers. Made from CNC-cut plywood with small ball-shaped brass handles, the drawers that wrap around the Tower cabinet are designed to store small objects collected by the owner. “It is inspired by all the small things that seem unimportant from the outside, but are at the same time an essence part our inner world, a silent witness of our past and our daily life memories.” the author said “We tend to get, have, buy and collect through our lives a number of small objects,” she continued. “Some of them we use, some of them we don’t but want to keep them.” Providing a place to store these collected items, the jewellery-box-sized drawers are slotted into a framework of plywood plates and mounted on six metal legs to create the two-metre-high cylindrical tower. “One iconic shape gently transforms into something else and this is giving this object an aura of illusion and unexpected twist,” said Zupanc. Zupanc is based in Ljubljana, and has previously created furniture for Sé, Moooi and Qeeboo. Also, if you’re interesting to check some more cabinet – don’t forget to check Magistral Cabinet By Sebastian Errazuriz.

The Transforming Cubrick Cabinet Comes from ‘Chaos Technique’

That’s the Cubrick, the result of a collaboration between industrial designer Cairn Young and cabinet maker Ian Spencer. Together the UK-based duo are known as Yard Sale Project , and in their South London workshop produce “small batch pieces of furniture that combine the unique design skills of Young with the making talents of Spencer. [The aim is] to bring together the ‘cool’ of the world of design with the obsessive applied skills of handmade one-offs.” The made-to-order Cubrick comes in four sizes and a variety of finishes and colors, with the lowest-priced model starting at £4,698 (US $7,335) for the twelve-box unit in semi-matte, stretching up to  £7,484 (US $11,684) for a variable-height 20-cube model done up in Nextel Suede. There’s an interactive demo for buyers to virtually snap their choices together here.

Intriguing Booleanos Cabinet

Mexican designer Joel Escalona partnered with French company Roche Bobois on an intriguing cabinet called Booleanos. The storage piece’s architectural facade is formed from the illusion of layered squares that are emphasized with various shades of gray panels. Despite the offset angles, the cabinet is built for storage with three doors, one drawer, and one flap that open up to reveal storage space. Shelves on the interior are made of glass.

Kinetic Explosion Cabinet by Sebastian Errazuriz

The Carnegie Museum of Art (CMOA) has acquired Explosion, a new kinetic cabinet by Sebastian Errazuriz. Explosion will be one of the centerpieces of the exhibition Sebastian Errazuriz: Look Again, which opens September 6th. “Inactivated, Explosion sits as a tidy, beautiful credenza. Transparent glass sidewalls provide a glimpse inside this intriguing but staid box. Further exploration of the central vertical seam reveals an entirely different object: With a gentle push, the rails slide further and further open until it seems that the cabinet has exploded beyond the bounds of stability. It is “a beautiful, surprising, and confounding work that represents the playful conceit of the master cabinetmaker showing off,” added Delphia. Even as Explosion’s exterior expands outward, it retains beautiful geometric proportions, using mechanics so complex that they took more than a year to perfect, despite borrowing one of cabinetmaking’s oldest tricks, the sliding dovetail. This new work will join a selection of important objects representing the breadth of Errazuriz’s practice in Sebastian Errazuriz: Look Again, his first solo museum exhibition.”

Glass Blown Cabinets for Precious Objects

Studio Thier-Vandaalen have challenged two ancient handcrafts; free glassblowing and fine woodworking in their latest project “Round Square”. Presented during Milan design week 2014, the series of objects evoke soap bubbles floating in the air, translated into a collection of storage units designed to showcase precious objects. “Wet wood is commonly used as a mould in free hand glassblowing, but never as a definitive part of the end object,” explain Thier and Vandaalen. “We saw this as a beautiful element to use in process and for the final production piece.” The collection was produced with “Van Tetterode Glas Studio” together with Marc Barreda, exhibiting as part of team up at Ventura Lambrate.

Limited Edition “PICCADILLY” Series by Boca do Lobo

Do you remember strange and yet beautiful “Newton Console” created by Tinto-based design company Boca do Lobo? Designers from Boca do Lobo continues to surprise their client by weird forms and creative furniture items. And this time we’re talking about new limited edition furniture series called “PICCADILLY”. Boca Do Lobo’s designers play with perspective, embossed, contrast of colors and a mixture of different style. The result is very original piece of furniture both classic and modern at the time.

Unusual Furniture by Tembolat Gugkaev

Sometimes it’s hard to tell you about one specific furniture item since designer creates many interesting and creative onjects. It’s all about industrial designer Tembolat Gugkaev from Russia. In his portfolio we’ve found a absolutely amazing bookcases and cabinets. And in this post you will see them. Unusual forms and creative combinations of furniture by Tembolat will blow your mind. By the words of designer he know “that someday the world will be ruled by beauty and harmony”. And Tembolat’s furniture will be part of such beautiful world.

Magistral Cabinet By Sebastian Errazuriz

New York-based artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz represent his new creation – the Magistral Cabinet. This amazing sculptural cabinet comes with a protective layer that’s made of 80,000 bamboo skewers. The protective layer sits like a protective armor that safely houses your personal items inside. A team of 12 woodworkers took 6 weeks to hammer each skewer into the carved wooden structure. There is a set of concealed doors, which slide open to reveal its inner mechanisms and the compartments.

The Mine Furniture by Mati Karmin

Estonian sculptor Mati Karmin creates mind blowing furniture made out from sea mines. In his works there is something medieval, extremely brutal. Sculptor finds mines on the shore of the island Naissaar, located in the Gulf of Finland, not far from Tallinn. This is former military facility, mines remained from the First and Second World Wars. Fantasy of artist transforms militaristic scrap metal into the unusual furniture. The sculptor added to the newly created objects beautiful details, leather upholstery, glass surfaces. And at the same time they aren’t just art objects, furniture items can be easily represented in the interiors, they are quite suitable for everyday usage. These are chairs, tables, fireplaces, bathroom, cabinets, beds and even a pram!

Exclusive Asian Inspired Furniture

It’s not a secret that lately all Asian is in high demand and attention of many people. In this post we’ll show you a stylish, high-quality Korean, Chinese and Japanese furniture, which undoubtedly will be interested to fans of Asia as well as just lovers of beautiful and stylish stuff. In contrast to the extraordinary and creative furniture the beauty of Asian furniture lies in its simplicity and practicality. And of course it has its own, very special charm.