Modern Cat Box Furniture by A Cat Thing

Taiwan-based design studio A Cat Thing have created a new modular collection of cat litter box furniture that’s made from cardboard. The designs, which come in a variety of shapes like a room, hall and slope, can be linked together to create towers that allow cats to climb and hide in. By building the different pieces, cat owners are able to build a little micro-architecture compound that belongs to the family feline. This is a great example of modern cat furniture but if you need some more variants don’t hesitate to check our other posts Kitty Kasa collection and CATable by Ruan Hao.

Cute Coffee-Coloured Cats Popping Out Of Cups

for Russian illustrator Elena Efremova each coffee drink whether it’s an espresso, an Americano, or a sweet coffee-and-ice-cream treat has its own personality that comes through in its flavor. And to capture that, she’s created portraits of cats with some very distinct personalities. Elena uses an everyday beverage, enjoyed by millions, to create clever, unique works of art. She also brings in the sense of taste into her artwork, using the flavor as inspiration for each cat’s personality. On her Behance page, Elena writes: “Here are my coffee cats. Each has its own character, as well as every type of coffee has its own flavor.”

Meow Parlour – Modern Cafe For NYC’s Adoptable Cats

Sonya Lee Architect designed the Meow Parlour, which is a cat cafe in New York City, where people get to interact with cats, while they drink their coffee. The cat cafe allows the cats to roam freely, while they’re waiting to be adopted. The furniture was designed to make it easy for the cats to play, hide and explore. For example, you can see in the photo below, the table has been designed with supports that become a vertical maze for the cats to play inside of, as their visitors sip their coffees. There’s a wall of cubbies and shelves, which is home to beds and toys. The low hexagonal tables have a lasercut acrylic top, with kitty heads cut out for doors.


Cats owners perfectly know that they usually don’t pay much attention to stuff that belongs to them. They want what’s ours. Our keys, our rugs, our attention. The most logical thing to do would be to make stuff that we can both share. And designer Nadya Gurevich offers catalogue of furniture and fashion pieces that your cat will love! Cat-Man-Doo!

Merry Christmas 2014

It’s almost Christmas! And we want to wish you all the best and promise to present you good mood on this holiday by the following collection of funny and cute Christmas animals! Not only human are waiting for this holiday but cats and dogs also! So jump into the post and Merry Christmas!

A Full Service Housing Module for Cats

ARNI Foundation is a nonprofit organization that rescues abused animals as well as animals at local kill shelters. With the help of Studio Mango, they created a new pet brand called ARNI Says, where all proceeds go directly to the ARNI Foundation. They debuted their first product, the Kitty Kasa collection, which is an adorable set of stackable modules that act as little homes for cats. The Kitty Kasa is like full service condo housing, but for cats. There’s the Kitty Kasa Gym module that comes with a scratching post and holes to keep your cat happy and exercised. After they’re tired of the gym, they can prowl to the Kitty Kasa Recreation center, complete with a mouse for kitty entertaining. Finally, they can go to sleep and rest in the Kitty Kasa Bedroom, that’s sturdily built and can be used indoors or outdoors.

15 Lovely Pictures of Cats

We understand that among all pets we pay too much attention to dogs undeservedly avoiding cats. But cats are really special pets. They love you and live in your home but at the same time they aren’t with you. Unlike dogs cats walk by themselves. But it does not interfere people to own and live side by side with these a little bit wild animals. Today we decided to restore a justice on our website and represent to your attention some beautiful and positive photos of these graceful animals. Enjoy!

“The Little Zoo” by Tobias Lang

Tobias Lang is a fashion photographer, based in Hamburg. “Mr. Lang’s career started 2008, coming from IT-Business, with landscape and people Images, later on, after negotiating the photographers apprenticeship in car- and stillife photography, assisting several famous photographers, he turned over to nudes and simple one light images of expressive people. His photography is unique, clear and sensitive. He loves what he is doing and discovers a new creative world every day.” The most interesting part of his portfolio is the series “The Little Zoo” featuring portraits of people and their beloved pets. It brings a lot of positive emotions to see pets and their owners and to check the famous theory that owners really look like their pets. If you want to take part in this series – just drop a line to Tobias via project page. Have fun!

Sunny Cats by Aurora Wienhold

We remember how many comments got post Unbelievable Pencil Art by Paul Lung. And we do think that part of such success lies on cats depicted on these stunning paintings. These creatures cause only love and tender emotion. Today we again will bring you some positive emotions with watercolor painting by young artist from Germany Aurora Wienhold. She draws painting on absolutely different topics but her cats are really sunny and extremely cute.

Vintage Houses for Cats by Atomic Attic

Have you ever thought that you old suitcase or television could have second life? But this time as house for cats. Atomic Attic specializing in vintage things believes so. And creates cute vintage houses for cats. Such 60’s Art Deco and 80’s mild retro houses. Check them out and choose one for your pet! If you’re the dog owner check these interesting mansions for dogs.

Armour for Cats and Mice Created by Jeff de Boer

If you worry about safety of your pet specifically cat or mouse you should definetely check this awesome collection of armour for animals. This collection was created by Canadian artist Jeff de Boer and consist of armour for gladiators, medieval knights and even Samurais. Creation of each armour for a mouse takes from 10 to 40 hours, while armour for cats demands bigger efforts: from 50 to 100 hours. Made out from silver, bronze and wood these art works cost $500-2,000. For protectors of animals we’re glad to notice that Jeff didn’t experiment with mices, but his attempt to dress a cat in a knightly armour has ended with scratches and scars. Hope you’ll like it!