Amazing 3D Artwork by Katharine Morling

At the first glance the following art works made from paper or some kind of clay. But after you check them once more you’ll understand that they are ceramics with a touch of the surreal. Just like cartoon handbags that we’ve shown you recently. Award-winning artist Katharine Morling creates whimsical and often outlandish sculpture from porcelain and ceramics. Instead of simply making the pieces and leaving them in their ceramic form, the added touch of black in certain spots creates an illusive effect, making the everyday objects look like drawings in real life.

Under the Surface Ceramics by Beccy Ridsdel

“Under the Surface” ceramics created by artist Beccy Ridsdel play on the metaphor of craft as surgery. In the installation, surgical tools such as clamps and scalpels seemingly peel back the “skin” of plates and mugs, exposing bright floral insides. The pieces mirror the intricacy of the human body while crossing the disciplines of art and medicine. Beautiful and unusual collection!

Amazing Ceramic Sculptures by Johnson Tsang

You have probably seen some of these stunning sculptures and wonder who is the author. The author of these really wonderful sculptures is Johnson Tsang, a Hong Kong sculptor specializing in ceramics, stainless steel sculpture and public art works. Tsang’s works mostly employ realist sculptural techniques accompanied by surrealist imagination, integrating the two elements, “human beings” and “objects”, into creative themes. Since 1993, Tsang’s works have been exhibited in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Spain and Switzerland and collected by local and overseas museums and collectors. Take a look!

“Keramos” Cabinets by Coprodotto

The following cabinets called “Keramos” were created by Adriano Design and La Castellamonte (Coprodotto). They are made from glazed ceramic and wood and look fabulous. “Keramos is the first Coprodotto born from the cooperation between Adriano Design and La Castellamonte. La Castellamonte is an excellency in the stoves and ceramic production, keeper and innovatory of an ancient tradition of Castellamonte, dating back to 13th century.

Ceramic Birdhouse APA from Luis Porem

This beautiful birdhouse called APA was invented and created by Portuguese designer Luis Porem. Luis has designed a ceramic birdhouse, which can serve as a temporary nest for very small birds. Design of the house allow to hang it in many different ways – attached to a wall, on a long support pole, hanging from above or on a table top of other surface. The form is a simple cone, avaliable colours – different.