Comfortable And Fully Functional Foldable OLLIE Chair

Ollie is a folding chair that will look awesome in your home, whether kept open, or closed. Its design is nothing like any foldable chair you’ve seen before, and truly so, since it comes from a design company known for their amazing kinetic sculptures! Made by RockPaperRobot, the Ollie takes inspiration from its surroundings. The chair has a unique folding design that makes it only 2 inches thin when folded, and looks like an innocuous piece of art. When opened out, it becomes a rather sturdy chair with built-in lumbar support, making it not just beautiful, but incredibly comfortable too. The chair’s construction uses Aluminum sheets and a beautiful looking flexible wooden tambour made out of Teak wood, making it great for both outdoors as well as indoors. Ollie’s magic is in the way it gracefully opens and closes. With a movement that seems almost like a magic trick, the chair opens out wonderfully and one simple string on the back can be pulled to close the chair back into its sheet avatar. The Ollie is perfect for both homes as well as outdoors. Its wooden/metal aesthetic makes it go well with almost any decor, and trust me, you’ll be impressing your guests for a long time with its hypnotic folding/unfolding technique! A complete marvel of design and manufacturing.

Modern and Unusual Bel & Bel Scooter Chairs

Bel & Bel are a Barcelona based team of designers who dedicate themselves to upcycling products and their Scooter Chairs are definitely one of their most popular and successful means of doing this to date. Wonderfully stylish, unusual, functional and comfortable, these Bel & Bel Scooter Chairs are capable of bringing any workspace well and truly to life. These exceptional pieces of designer furniture have a reinforced internal structure, reclining functionality and come in a wide array of colours and styles that will mean you’re sure to find one that is perfect for your workspace.

The Bow Tie Chair by Gridesign Studio

Taiwanese designers Gridesign Studio have designed the Bow Tie Chair, made from laminated bamboo. “With repeated combination of laminated bamboo, the Bow Tie Chair delivers a concept of simplicity and fashion. The storage area is constructed by heating bamboo up several times to create curves on different parts. It offers users an experience of comfort and good ventilation.”

FirstCall Chair by Ruud van de Wier

Dutch designer Ruud van de Wier in collaboration with manufacturer EASY Noise Control has developed pretty unusual chair called “FirstCall”. The form is based on the recognizable and classic shape of an old phone, so that when sitting in it the surrounding noise is muted. The quiet space enables people to make calls in office or public environments, ensuring that they can concentrate despite being surrounded by noisy situations. The “FirstCall” chair comes in a variety of 32 colors and can also be ordered in a bicolored configuration.

Spike Chair by Alexander Lervik

Alexander Lervik, the product designer behind the Lumiere Au Chocolate, has made another conceptual work of art, the Spike Chair. Inspired by traveling in the Philippines during the wet season, the Spike Chair’s seat mimics the slant of rainfall with its multitude of turned ash rods. The geometric rods secure into the steel base, which, painted matte white, complements the natural wooden components stylistically as well as structurally.

Limited Edition Bowl Chair by Arper

Italian design brand Arper is to relaunch a limited edition version of a bowl-shaped chair designed by late Modernist architect Lina Bo Bardi in 1951. The Bowl Chair features a metal frame with four legs supporting a ring into which the upholstered seat is inserted. The seat can be swivelled in the frame to allow for more upright or reclined seating positions, with loose cushions enhancing the design’s flexibility. It will be produced in black leather and a range of coloured fabrics. Luigi and Claudio Feltrin of Arper explained that their intention in relaunching the chair is to highlight Bo Bardi’s significant legacy: “In doing this, we wish to give the Bowl Chair and Lina’s way of thinking a future. The limited edition creates a link between the past and the future.” Take a look!

Elegant “Serenad Chair” by Ali Alavi

Take a look at beautiful chair created by designer Ali Alavi. “The Serenad chair’s elegant form is inspired by the unique sleeping position of the swan with it’s head between its wings as it floats on the water. Its soft yet extravagant shape is off-set by a surprising reflective chrome finish that mirrors the colors and patterns of everything around it. Definitely not appropriate for every interior style, but place it in the right room with the right surroundings and it’s sure to make a statement!” Have fun!

“Chair & Chair” by Tatiana Bortkevica

Let us show you sophisticated and at the same time distinctive line launch sofa “Chair & Chair” designed by Tatiana Bortkevica, a young professional interior and product designer based in Paris. Obviously it was inspired by one of the alphabet signs. This modern design handcrafted sofa can be presented in two versions: upholstered with black or mustard color soft suede. Special combination of smoothly flowing form lines, colors and materials creates a truly artistic and dynamic piece of furniture.

“Dim Sum” Rocking Chair by Montis

Netherlands company Montis created contemporary rocking chair Dim Sum. The chair looks extremely comfortable and the inclusion of wood in the design, which refers to the traditional notion of a rocking chair, helps to domesticise the feel of the piece. The tagline of this design is “relax with a smile”. And this is true. Take a look!

Creative Spoon Chair by Philipp Aduatz

Today we want to show you creative chair created by young Austrian designer Philipp Aduatz. It looks like spoon and it’s called "Spoon Chair". "The main idea behind Philipp Aduatz’ Spoon Chair is to bring the beauty of a bent-back leaf into an object by modifying the principle of the cantilever: here the lever, instead of reaching horizontally, extends upward into one direction. It then loops around over the top, back towards the center, to support its own and a person’s weight." Enjoy!

Creative Pipe Chair by Yaroslav Rassadin

Designers get inspiration from various and sometimes wierd things. For example, the following Pipe Chair was obviously was inspired by a pipe. This creative chair was designed by Russian industrial designer Yaroslav Rassadin. Being a part of Yaroslav’s series of furniture called “Stream”, the Pipe Chair has a form that imitates the classic form of a pipe. It’s coated with soft surfaces and keeping all ergonomic standards. The Pipe Chair hasn’t been produced yet and it’s still a concept. Take a look!

Modern Lounge Chair RIO

Today we want to show creative chair that combines scandinavian design, functionality, innovation and high quality. Designed by Flemming Busk and Stephan B. Hertzog this modern lounge chair is called RIO. The curves of this piece make it look so invitingly comfortable, its colors and shape truly make the cake when it comes to modern Scandinavian-inspired design. Rio is available in two colors (lime and blue) starting with September 2012 on SOFTLINE. Take a look!

Creative Chair “Mr. Smith the Second”

It looks like a piece of some twisted candy, it’s called “Mr. Smith the Second”. In fact it’s an extremely creative multi-colored laminated beech chair created by UK furniture designer Anthony Hartley. “Using both his skills as a cabinet maker and education in contemporary furniture design, Hartley makes each piece by hand from original drawings to finished product. ” Take a look and I’m sure you will like this creative chair!

Comfortable “Cradle” for Adults

Designer Richard Clarkson has created a cradle for adults, in collaboration with Grace Emmanual, Brodie Campbell, Jeremy Broker, Eamon Moore, Kahlivia Russell and Joya Boerrigter. "Cradle" is about creating a safe, comfortable and relaxing environment in which the user can dissipate the overstimulation of their senses. The design was heavily directed by a synthesis of research into Autism and children with Rhythmic Movement Disorder (RMD), as well as saftey, sustainability, function and aesthetics. The chair is designed for maximum relaxation, comfort and calmness."

Comfortable Nest for Small Spaces

Nest created by industrial designer from Denmark Anders Backe is perfect for small spaces. Since it consists of nothing but high quality futon mattress and easily transforms between a lounge chair and a guest bed. “We wanted to design a piece of furniture consisting only of the futon mattress itself; 1: to fully exploit its many qualities, 2: to create a simplistic furniture – both esthetically and functionally – and 3: to meet the price range of the manufacturer. The idea behind the furniture is to combine characteristics of the Japanese design tradition with western preference for comfort and functionality.”

Bright and Positive DIDI Chair

Quite interesting DIDI chair was created by Danish designers busk+hertzog for Globe Zero 4. "The DIDI chair looks like its had some serious lift with its broad base that provides both support and style. The coloring for the chairs are also vibrant, with bright greens, orange and red being used for a memorable color palette."

Colourful “Anemone” Chair by Giancarlo Zema

Another great example of furniture design from Italian designer Giancarlo Zema, author of Bright Wood Collection. Colourful chair called Anemone has been presented in Ara Pacis Museum’s exhibition at 20 may – 3 july 2011 in Lungotevere in Augusta, Rome, Italy. According to designer,"Swimming as funny fishes in a warm sea full of shapes and then feeling safe in a colourful anemone. This is the inspiration that led the architect Giancarlo Zema to design for the prestigious Giovannetti Collezioni a soft and sprightly armchair of high sculptural value. Realized in polyurethane foam with bearing structure in treated steel and rotating base, cover in elastic fabrics."

Unique Corsica Chair

We used to the ordinary forms of chairs but this one is something extra original! Chair form which only has one arm looks very unique, not only that! View on the legs, just standing on one leg and the other connecting into one. This wooden sculpture called Corsica Chair was designed by British designers Ian Spencer and Cairn Young. Nice job!

Brilliant Emoticons Collection by Tomas Ekström

Having this unique concept you won’t say that you do not see the time. This pretty sophisticated concept called Zoomin Watch was created by couple of talanted designers Gennady Martynov and Emre Cetinkoprulu. Apart from clever idea of using magnifying glasses as a hands of the watch it’s also interesting where minute hand is located and such full list of minutes as well. This watch have gathered so many brilliant ideas in one minimalistic design that it force us to look forward for its release!

Sepii Chair by K to N Studio and Yoho

Industrial designers offer a tons of experiments with chairs but only small part of them applies to the legs. Copenhagen based K to N Studio in collaboration with Yoho designed the Sepii: named after the cuttlefish order sepiidae and made from ash wood, it’s the chair with ten legs. Only three of the legs touch the ground at one time and it allows to "rock" on it back and forth. Unusual and creative idea!