Creative Cocoon Chair by Vasil Velchev

This far-out seating solution called Galaktika by Vasil Velchev creates a cocoon of comfort for the user. First designed as an airport armchair, it provides both a cozy place to sit and entertainment while you wait, whether you’re at the gate for your flight or the lobby at the doctor’s office. Lined with ultra-soft cushioning and capable of being fitted with additional pillows, it envelopes the user while isolating them from external noise. A built-in swing arm outfitted with a flatscreen TV provides access to movies, games, airport traffic information and more. If you want more interesting chair designs – don’t forget to check Bowl chair and rocking chair Ufo.

Mysterious and Spectacular ‘Anish’ Chair

Designer Emanuele Magini has created ‘Anish’, a seat whose appearance almost tricks the mind into thinking that it’s a room divider and not a seat at all. Designed for Italian furniture brand Campeggi, ‘Anish’ has a round gold frame with a stretchy blue material, however when looking behind the frame, you see the seat, and the only way to sit in the chair, is to lean back against the stretchy material, which then reveals the seat.

Tubular Furniture from Ventilation Pipes and Scrap Metal

Eindhoven-based designer Lucas Muñoz has combined industrial steel ventilation pipes with a copper seat taken from a scrap yard to create this bulbous chair. Muñoz designed his Tubular chair as an exploration of the structural potential of different. industrial components. He wanted to showcase their ability to perform a function within a domestic environment. Muñoz constructed the seat from galvanised steel ventilation pipes and elbow connectors found in his atelier, as well as sheets of copper taken from a metal junkyard.”The materiality and shape – the practical means – of the industrial components allow them to afford a variety of roles if arranged in a way that offers some kind of furniture function for a domestic context.” The chair was displayed at the first edition of 21st-century design fair Collectible, as part of an exhibition called Hardcore, which also previously took place at Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.

Open Vessel – Meditation Cocoon Chair

Open Vessel is a meditation pod that aims to restore energy, focus, and balance by offering a cozy cocoon to help shut out the world around you. The egg-shaped pod is paired with an audio experience the user can set through the built-in tablet, with the options being: Relax, Energize, DayDream, Meditate in Silence, or Listen To Music. They’ve partnered with various artists to create original sounds, along with offering playlists on Spotify. Inside, the pod is decked out with a circular bench to sit on, which is surrounded by a backrest with integrated LED lights that help alter the mood. If you like cocoons you should check Chair Cocoon and Cocoon Tree.

The Planet Chair – Your Special Private Space Place

Ukrainian based MZPA design, have created ‘The Planet’, a piece of furniture that enables someone to have a private space in an open office, hotels, airports, or anywhere where someone needs a little time to themselves. The ergonomic design includes a couple of features, like a USB charging port, led-lamp or tablet holder (seen below), that allows the user to curl up inside and watch a movie, do some work or have a hands-free video call. There’s also a shelf with a small built-in cup holder and an upholstered cushion for maximum comfort.

Fabio Novembre’s Skull Chair Updated for Mexico’s Day of the Dead

To commemorate this year’s Day of the Dead, designer Fabio Novembre has updated his Jolly Roger armchair by covering it in a traditional sugar-skull pattern. Originally launched by Italian brand Gufram in 2013, Novembre’s skull chair appears minimal from the front, but its back is designed to resemble a human skull. The skull on the new edition – launched to coincide with Day of the Dead, or Dia de Los Muertos – is hand-painted to include bones and teeth, as well as traditional Mexican sugar-skull patterns such as lace and flowers. Inside, the skull chair features a map of the world, just like the original Jolly Roger. We’ve already featured this chair in our collection of creative skull chairs and we invite you to chek the rest of chairs!

Relaxing Varier Gravity Balans Chair

The Gravity Balans by Varier is certainly not limited to reclining. The unique design provides a wide range of seating options that will support the body throughout. A forward tilt accommodates the standard kneeling posture of all Varier balans seating, while a tilt back will leave your feet on the floor in a more traditional position. So, whether you working at a table, leaning back to enjoy a book, or fully reclining to pursue that ever-important power nap, the Varier Gravity balans offers full body support to achieve the ultimate in comfort and relaxation.

Comfortable And Fully Functional Foldable OLLIE Chair

Ollie is a folding chair that will look awesome in your home, whether kept open, or closed. Its design is nothing like any foldable chair you’ve seen before, and truly so, since it comes from a design company known for their amazing kinetic sculptures! Made by RockPaperRobot, the Ollie takes inspiration from its surroundings. The chair has a unique folding design that makes it only 2 inches thin when folded, and looks like an innocuous piece of art. When opened out, it becomes a rather sturdy chair with built-in lumbar support, making it not just beautiful, but incredibly comfortable too. The chair’s construction uses Aluminum sheets and a beautiful looking flexible wooden tambour made out of Teak wood, making it great for both outdoors as well as indoors. Ollie’s magic is in the way it gracefully opens and closes. With a movement that seems almost like a magic trick, the chair opens out wonderfully and one simple string on the back can be pulled to close the chair back into its sheet avatar. The Ollie is perfect for both homes as well as outdoors. Its wooden/metal aesthetic makes it go well with almost any decor, and trust me, you’ll be impressing your guests for a long time with its hypnotic folding/unfolding technique! A complete marvel of design and manufacturing.

Cool And Red Manet Easy Chair

Looking like a delicious box of french fries just waiting for you to dive in, the Manet Easy Chair may appear to you as hard and geometric, but each individual outcrop is in fact a soft pillow that bends and compresses to accommodate the sitter, allowing you to feel as if you’re being hugged by the chair! Designed to provide you with a comfortable seating experience, no matter the posture, you can sit, recline, nap on the Manet chair. Each pillow can even be rearranged or removed and used separately, giving you full flexibility over how you want to place yourself on the Easy Chair. The gap between pillows in the easy chair also make for a rather unique holder, allowing you to wedge books, phones, or tablets inside. The Manet comes with an MDF Box base draped with a Vinyl Fabric, inside which are kept 16 pillows. Each pillow is crafted out of soft foam and lined with polyester that can be removed and washed periodically. Manet is entirely manufactured in Brianza, Italy, by qualified artisans.

Bird Inspired Quetzal Chair by Marc Venot

French designer Marc Venot, has created an armchair named Quetzal, that was inspired by the bird of the same name. Designed for Spanish furniture manufacturer Missana, the chair has 14 overlapping bicolor pillows that resemble the feathers of the Quetzal, which are bright and colorful. “14 overlapped bicolor pillows manage to create an amazing visual impact and provide the product with the unique feature of being able to change the main color of the armchair in the blink of an eye.”

The Experimental Standing Chair Project by Ariel Levay

The Experimental Standing chair project, by Ariel Levay, looks like an incredible solution to the too much standing, too much sitting problem. The chair was designed to help the user to have a variety of posture changes. It will allow for leaning, but also a position to help take weight off the feet as well. The chair was designed to be sturdy, and really has an elegant design that would look good in any modern office environment. Also don’t forget to check our post about 20 Beautiful Chair Designs.

Gregory Besson Giant Skull Armchair

Created by French designer Gregory Besson, this superbly stylised Skull Armchair is built from reinforced fiberglass and rounded out with a plush and high quality leather seat. “Since my childhood, I always wanted to share my world, show what I think, what I want, what I do and what I am. At 19 I successfully passed a graphic degree, I quickly made design and creating my priority. Today at age 32 I’m not only a designer, I feel like a craftsman, an artist who does not need anyone to design and create projects. All my products are 100% made by me in my own workshop in Paris.” he explains.

Modular Furniture System Lift-Bit

In fact, the Lift-Bit, is the “world’s first Internet-of-Things sofa.” First unveiled at this year’s Milan Design Week, the sofa was created by international design and innovation firm Carlo Ratti Associati with help from Vitra. The Lift-Bit is a modular furniture system that transform from sofa, to chair, to bed, to chaise lounge… to whatever else your creativity dreams up. It consists of a cluster of bright green, upholstered stools which are motorized using a linear actuator. This means that the cushions on the stool can be raised or lowered. Furthermore, it can be controlled through gestures, or of course, a mobile app. The Lift-Bit system is also good at keeping itself entertained. When “bored”, it will start shapeshifting into different configurations to keep users on their toes.

Futuristic Rocking Chair UFO

Italian design company IT ONEOFF, have designed “UFO” a futuristic rocking chair. The name “UFO” comes from Unidentified Furniture Object, as it takes its inspiration from the shapes of flying saucers. It’s made from a single piece of carbon fiber, with a handmade leather seat, and the design enables it to rock but never flip over. It’s the perfect shape for curling up and reading a book.

Boeing 737 Engine Cowling Chair

Created from the engine cowling of an Boeing 737 by Fallen Furniture, this colossal, luxurious chair, spins weightlessly, on its highly polished spun aluminium base. Stood in its original orientation, this immense, captivating structure, is the opitome of luxury seating. The epic proportions of the high gloss flawlessly finished shell and dark interior upholstered in the high- est quality leather, frame the hand mirror polished cowling opulently. This unique and impressive masterpiece would form centre of any room.

El Purista Smokers’ Armchair

Chilean architect, Rodrigo Gonzalez, together with German lawyer, Alexander Sauer, conceived the idea of creating a smoker’s armchair for El Purista. The armchair is made of molded beech and walnut wood, and offers the cigar aficionado a personal retreat to relax, smoke, and enjoy. The small drawers hidden within the arms of the chair have enough room to hold a drink and cigar accessories.

Modern and Unusual Bel & Bel Scooter Chairs

Bel & Bel are a Barcelona based team of designers who dedicate themselves to upcycling products and their Scooter Chairs are definitely one of their most popular and successful means of doing this to date. Wonderfully stylish, unusual, functional and comfortable, these Bel & Bel Scooter Chairs are capable of bringing any workspace well and truly to life. These exceptional pieces of designer furniture have a reinforced internal structure, reclining functionality and come in a wide array of colours and styles that will mean you’re sure to find one that is perfect for your workspace.

Lullock – A Lounge That Changes Positions With You

Nicole Hone, Darnar Kruy, James Edwards, Nisha Brunt and Reuben Knauf, all design students from Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, have created Lullock, a lounge that responds to the natural movement of the person is sitting on it.

The Mono Chair Made From A Single Piece Of Bent Aluminum

Czech designer Petr Badura, has created the Mono Chair, made from a single piece of bent aluminum. The chair only has two rear legs with the missing front two legs coming from the person who sits on it. “The whole idea of this product is in the fact that the chair is an object that serves the man and is fully dependent on him. So, this chair can’t work without a person. A person is thus required for the very chair to be complete.When someone is sitting on this chair, their legs have to be bent at the knees at 90-degree angle. In this position the body weight is distributed and pressure on the legs is minimal.”

Racer Outdoor Rocking Chair

When it comes to lounging on the patio, few chairs rival the comfort induced by a rocking chair. The problem is most of them aren’t aesthetically pleasing. The Racer Outdoor Rocking Chair looks to change the way you look at the ugly, traditional rocking chair. Constructed from 100% recycled HDPE plastic, this modern lounger is a rocker for the new age. It features a wide, low seat with an open storage trunk located out back – perfect for stashing everything from gear to magazines. The styling is inspired by vintage race cars from yesteryear, as indicated by the sporty stripes across the backside. The chair was created by Loll Designs after being idealized by Eric Pfeiffer, and comes in seven different color combinations to suit your needs. It retails for $479.