Full Grown: Trees Grown Into Fully Shaped & Formed Furniture

Founder of Full Grown in Derbyshire, England, Gavin Munro has found a simpler and more eco-friendly way to create wooden furniture: he uses specially designed plastic frames to mold young willow, oak, ash and sycamore trees into the shape of chairs, tables, frames, or lamps as they’re growing. While requiring careful planning and additional work upfront, taking young trees and turning them as they grow into chairs, tables and lamps both shortens the construction cycle and eliminates the need to reconnect disparate pieces.

Pipo Chair by Alejandro Estrada

Designer Alejandro Estrada created the Pipo Chair for manufacturer Piegatto. “The Pipo Chair is conceived as a wooden surface that integrates armchairs and seat from the same material. The idea is to create a monolithic piece from one material that opens in the outside and stretches in the center. The way you can see trough the armchairs gesture evokes a simple movement that lets light pass trough it. Using technology to produce the chair with a conscious use of materials was our main goal for this piece. The chair is made out of two sheets of plywood. Composed of 29 main curved sections that are cut into two or three pieces overlaped, making it very efficient in the use of material. Water base coat.”

Generico Chair by Marco Hemmerling and Ulrich Nether

German designers Marco Hemmerling and Ulrich Nether have produced the “Generico chair”, a product based on generative and additive manufacturing technologies. The process for developing the form involved a detailed analysis of structural performance, material properties and ergonomic demands, as well as technology production parameters. Following an iterative design strategy, a material layout calculation resulted in reducing parts of the volume, while still enabling the necessary stiffness, comfort and functional requirements to be met. A 3D computer model was reviewed using FEM-software, to measure deformation and stresses before all the findings were integrated into a final 3D model.

Layers Cloud Chair by Richard Hutten for Kvadrat

Today we want to show another creative chair. Richard Hutten has designed the Layers Cloud Chair made from layers of fabric cut using a CNC machine. The chair will be part of Kvadrat’s Divina exhibition during Salone del Mobile next month. The inspiration for the project is colorful fossils forming colored desert terrain, located in Arizona, USA. Take a look!

Maria Chair by Raul Herrera Téllez

Raul Herrera Téllez of Arquiteknia has designed the Maria Chair. “It was always her, she said, women born”. “Maria” is perhaps the closest name to what this work, with its round and elongated arms each holding tissues and the user, together concentrically ways recalls the image of a traditional Mexican dress, which when rotated, looks at the wind ruffles our party. Cabinet solid wood banak rectangular sections with varying lengths, handmade in its armed and stuck with white glue and lag screws 3 ", one meter in diameter, the base is a steel structure, round ½, finished painting nuanced black with woven fabrics.

Futuristic MetroNaps EnergyPod

EnergyPod MetroNaps is a futuristic chair that will allow you to relax in comfort and privacy. EnergyPods feature is that it has built-in speakers which will wake you from a dream with soft sounds. “The EnergyPod is an innovative and elegant solution to a modern problem: where to take a brief nap while at work. Based on years of research, the world’s first chair designed specifically for napping combines stylish design with ergonomic functionality to create the ideal energy enhancing environment.” A perfect place to relax, don’t you think?

Opus Chair by Dor Ohrenstein

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) there is a direct link between the physical balance and mental balance of a person. Dor Ohrenstein has made a chair to help users achieve that state. “While exploring the TCM culture, during this project, I decided to focus on the issue of physical balance and mental state.” says Ohrenstein. “When one achieves physical balance and he knows how to find and manipulate his own body, he will be able to control his own mind and soul. My project presents a new sitting model that allows the user to be in charge of his balance using a ball based structure, letting the user take control of his mental and physical state. While sitting on the Opus Chair you find yourself at an new posture located between traditional sitting posture and stand up position, in this posture the center mass of the user located under his spine forcing the user to be in a upright posture.”

“Squishy” Chairs by Annie Evelyn

Annie Evelyn is a furniture designer who has been developing her unusual furniture upholstery techniques since she was a student. This collection of chairs, named “Squishy”, has been designed for Brooklyn-based company New Colony Furniture. Other Evelyn’s works in her portfolio display a sense of humor about seating, with an “impolite chair” boasting a built-in whoopee cushion, and a piece entitled “Sit on My Finger” that’s a tiny chair you wear as a ring. Evelyn reclaims wooden chair frames, lines the seats and backs with foam, and painstakingly covers these surfaces with small pieces of hard materials that give way when pressure is applied. With this technique, she’s able to make cracked cement, tiles and faceted pieces of wood into exceptionally comfortable seating surfaces. Instead of poking you, those sticks will cradle the curves of your body.

“Monkey Tail” stool by Monocomplex

“Monkey Tail” stool by South Korean designers Monocomplex is intended to make the user look like they have a tail. Constructed from steel, wood and leather the piece comes in both adult and children sizes. A versatile and indispensable tool for many animals – this body part helps to express feelings, attract a mate and maintain good balance. “Monkey Tail” stool is a fun alternative for humans who wish to resemble similar features. Take a look!

Elegant Doudou Chair by Mahdi Naim

Today we want to show you another interesting chair called Doudou Chair. Designer Mahdi Naim used transparent polycarbonate for creation of this furniture item and he assures that this chair can support sitter up to 120 kg. Playful forms and elegant design will make this chair a perfect decoration both indoor and outdoor interior. Take a look!

SCRW Stool by Manuel Welsky

Some time ago we’ve shown you interesting concept – Screw Me Lamp. Today’s concept will be an excellent pair to this lamp. Created by designer Manuel Welsky “Scrw” stool is modeled after a piece of cork which twists into a metal frame for a seat. “Screw” is based on the principle of screwing. The new interpretation of the screw makes the height adjustment self-explanatory and easy. By the apparent leadership of the screw thread, the refined combination comes into focus. Made from a high-quality steel pipe, the frame is an exciting contrast to the cork material from which the body is made. The massive Korkzylinder is light in this combination and because of its unique features provides a comfortable seating experience.” Have fun!

Bunny Chair by Iskos-Berlin

Copenhagen-based studio Iskos-Berlin has designed the “Bunny Chair” for Danish manufacturer Normann Copenhagen. “Bunny is a wing chair that reinterprets the traditional design. Instead of the austere and stiff-backed companion in which our grandfathers used to retire to read the paper, Bunny is meant to be a loving friend – a great big cuddly toy, large enough to comfort an adult. Bunny is playful and funny, sybaritic and sensual, but with a twist – bound and shaped by the rope drawn taut across its soft “body”.” Have fun!

Futuristic Pallone Armchair

Leolux is a synonym for distinctive design, high in quality, comfortable and durable. Three collection of extremely stylish furniture, each with a character of its own. The Pallone armchair is a part of Sculptures Collection. The low-profile seat boasts easygoing comfort, while the gently curved backrest cradles you in the lap of luxury. Finished in leather upholstery, the look and feel is smooth and supple. The optional matching footstool is an ideal complement, inviting you to put your feet up at the end of the day or to be used as a casual side table. Created in 1989, twenty years later it’s still futuristic and completely understandable. You can purchase it for €1429 here.

Positive Lastika Chair by Velichko Velikov

Lastika chair was xreated by Velichko Velikov for Italian manufacturer LAGO. “Lastika resembles a flower, in fact a daisy. When you sit in it, you are supported by forty elastics that make up the seat and create a rocking sensation, although the structure of the seat is in fact very stable. It is a fun and comfortable seat, very lightweight and … stackable!”

Brilliant Emoticons Collection by Tomas Ekström

Having this unique concept you won’t say that you do not see the time. This pretty sophisticated concept called Zoomin Watch was created by couple of talanted designers Gennady Martynov and Emre Cetinkoprulu. Apart from clever idea of using magnifying glasses as a hands of the watch it’s also interesting where minute hand is located and such full list of minutes as well. This watch have gathered so many brilliant ideas in one minimalistic design that it force us to look forward for its release!

Bright Luxury Furniture by Bretz

Bring bright yellow color and luxurious design into your living room with the following furniture set by German manufacturer Bretz. Apart from their positive color these handmade and upholstered in leather, the sofa, swivel armchair and beautiful stools sparkle with Swarovski Elements crystals. It seems that this furniture screams "look at me". For sure it’s not to everybody’s taste but it’s definately worthy for your attention!

Beautiful Furniture Collections by Jean Nouvel

Today we want to show you two furniture collection by French designer Jean Nouvel. The first one is called Sait James collection was originally designed for a restaurant, where the elasticated covers over the foam pads were changed for each new customer. The second one is called Simple Bridge and is characterised by the curved shape cut away from both arms and footstool. By our opinion these are a really beautiful furniture items which surely worth your attention.

Creative Lathe Chairs by Sebastian Brajkovic

If you’re our loyal reader you should remember our previos posts dedicated to unusual chairs designs – 20 Beautiful Chair Designs. But this series of chairs called “Lathe Series” is worthy for additional attention. It was created by talanted designer Sebastian Brajkovic. He started this series as a graduation project for the Eindhoven Academy and has since continued working on it. Every chair in this series is extremely creative. Don’t even think that they are photoshopped – we can assure you that every chair is real and they even were exhibited at various galleries.

Knitted Stools Collection from Claire-Anne O’Brien

Today we want to show you interesting stools collection created by designer from London Claire-Anne O’Brien. This collection features a variety of knitted seat cushions. Such furniture is indisputable creative and unusual but it will look organically in your home only if you have very original interior design.

Bright Woods Collection

It’s hard to create something extra new from wood. But if you combine different materials you can achieve extremely stylish and unique furniture. Like Bright Woods collection created by Italian designer Giancarlo Zema for the MATERIALINNOVATIVI. The limited edition of 120 stools and 60 coffee tables are made from wood and resin with an integrated LED light. Awesome idea and execution!