Portable Cities by Yin Xiuzhen

In her work “Portable City” artist Yin Xiuzhen collects clothes worn by people in different cities and uses them to create miniature models of them inside a suitcase. To provide the viewer with the whole experience, the suitcase also plays a tape with the local soundscape. In times where many people are traveling on a regular basis, being at home everywhere and nowhere, the project is an interesting attempt towards the thought of “living out of one’s suitcase” and the actual loss of our local identity and culture.

Nanhe River Landscape Bridge from WXY Architecture

New York studio WXY Architecture have won a competition to build the Nanhe River Landscape Bridge in Xinjin County, China. This red bridge is due to begin later this year and will cross the river in two interlaced strands. As WXY Architecture wrote “Xinjin is a historical town that has attracted many residents and visitors over the years. It is geographically centered where five rivers converge, and for centuries poets have exalted its natural beauty. Our design draws inspiration from Xinjin’s breathtaking landscape and rich cultural history, and reflects the city’s modern prosperity.”